Don’t Over Exfoliate!

Last month I wrote about the importance of ‘exfoliation’ for keeping your skin clean, healthy and rejuvenated so this month I want to follow up on that by talking a little bit about the dangers of ‘Over’ exfoliating your skin.

You see… it;s all about BALANCE. Your skin is a living, evolving structure who’s job is to protect your inner body from external dangers like environment and bacteria. Many of our modern lifestyles choices can interfere with the skin’s natural process. To much sun or not enough sun…to much fat in your diet… not enough fat in your diet… to acidic… not acidic enough. To work effectively and thus look great, your skin needs balance.

Although exfoliating your skin gives you that instant and gratifying smooth and squeakily clean feeling that we all love, doing this to often or to aggressively will cause more harm than good and your skin will eventually look far worse than if you did nothing at all. BALANCE.

So, how do you get the balance right? Well, first step will be to talk to your Beauty Therapist or trusted Skin Consultant to help you choose the best exfoliation method for you. This will greatly depend on your current skin condition, your age, the climate you live in… so many factors to consider. You may think you need a strong exfoliation like Microdermabrasion because your skin is feeling dry and looking flakey but if you live in a cold and windy climate this is probably the worst kind of exfoliation you can choose for your skin. However a very gentle exfoliant (like a beaded scrub or even those soft, vibrating facial brushes you can use at home) teamed up with some nourishing and protective serums and face creams will give your skin a much better result.

Also, ‘listen’ to what your skin is telling you… that sounds weird right? But when I say listen, I mean take a look at your skin… you will see it speaking to you. Sometimes we look and think, “Wow, my skin looks good today”. Well great!… leave it alone then. Don’t exfoliate, don’t use a treatment mask… just cleanse, tone, moisturise and enjoy your skin. Other days you may notice redness or perhaps dryness or a combination of both… you may then need to do a light exfoliation and apply a calming mask. Your skin will tell you what it needs… very rarely will you have the exact same skin care routine day in and day out all year round.

Lastly, balance will also come from using a variety of products and treatments. In my opinion, exfoliation is a must have inclusion but not a stand alone solution to your skin concerns. You will achieve a beautiful and balanced skin when you use the correct exfoliation for your skin in combination with other skin care products, treatments and healthy life style choices.

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