Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beautiful!

Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot more atheists and agnostics today…more than ever before?

Personally, if I did not believe that I had a Higher Power/Source…one which brought me to our planet…in this lifetime…to serve in a way that only I could…a Higher Power that I trusted always looked out for me and our world at large….I do not think I could handle this life.

Through this Divine Power, I trust that everything happens for reason…to fulfill our Purpose/Unique Legacy that was intended for us.

Here’s the rationale: Ego Power (power that dismisses any external influence) counts on YOU. However when you plug into Authentic Power (Source/Higher Power/God)…you stay out of the ‘ego/fear/it’s all up to me’ zone which can keep us from experiencing true joy, freedom & success with ease.

Consider that when you are aligned with your bigger WHY/Purpose/ Unique Legacy and simply living in a way that feels right in your heart & soul…serving the world with your gifts…it’s truly effortless…and you sail through life…plugged into your Higher Power & flow zone! This higher vibration state is also where we can truly manifest what we desire ☆

Always here to serve you beautiful, E

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