A Few Of Our Favourite Things

Hello Everyone,

It’s a very late morning in the studio with homemade, gluten free raisin and banana muffins for brunch today. (I actually had oatmeal & fruit for breakfast at 5am but that doesn’t really count as it was hours ago now, does it?)  The weekend is almost here, yes! Looking forward to the warm weather and sunny skies tomorrow while Sunday afternoon is being spent kitchen “idea browsing” at Ikea as my mother-in-law is thinking to renovate her kitchen in the near future. I’m not sure “idea browsing is actually a term but that’s why we are going. My week was super productive tying up some last minute loose ends on one of my projects, lots of problem solving (why is coding so hard??) and brainstorming for a new business venture which I have in the works. The magnolia tree is blooming in the front garden while my back garden is filled with cardinals & canaries gathered around the bird feeder but the highlight has been a family of cottontail bunnies spending hours each day nibbling at the spilt seeds under the bird feeder. Having a glass of wine with a friend this afternoon, I can’t wait for 4 o’clock to arrive!

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

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