10 Ideas To Spring Clean Your Surroundings

The Spring flowers are starting to bloom and we starting to leave our windows open for some fresh air and breeze. Spring is the perfect time to declutter all the unnecessary stuff out of our surroundings. Try these 10 ideas to spring clean your life:

  1. Check all your bathroom products and medicines expiration dates. Anything out of dates needs to go. Hand any medicines in to your local pharmacy and consider tossing anything that contains toxic ingredients. You don’t need those in your life.
  2. Repeat the process through your refrigerator, freezer, spice rack and pantry. Wipe down shelves and inside drawers as you go. Don’t forget to make a list of anything that needs to be replaced.
  3. Take the time and go through your kitchen cabinets. Donate any old flatware, pots & pans, mismatched & unused silverware, and cup & mugs that just take up space that you never use.
  4. Next are your closets & dressers. Sort through your clothing, shoes, bedlinen and towels which you don’t use or have seen better days. If you haven’t used it OR worn it in the last 2 years, you need to say goodbye for good – no excuses!!
  5. Don’t forget about under your bed. It should be clear at all times but if items are under there, remove them and vacuum up those dust bunnies.
  6. Clean out that junk drawer, file all those papers left on your desk or recycle them.
  7. And remember your car!! The glove compartment needs to purged, look under the seats and discard all the rubbish that has accumulated. Why not give it a full clean inside and detailing on the exterior or take it to the professsionals.
  8. Apps, photos and folders start to fill your phone and computer storage space – go through and start pressing delete.
  9. Unsubscribe to pesky emails lists that seem to fill up your inbox.
  10. Make sure you give all your devices a clean with a non-toxic cleaner.

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