How To: Shop Online

Online shopping is quickly becoming the more preferred way to buy clothes. That being said, it can be pretty daunting. Especially if you’re not familiar with it. If you are familiar with it it can be a huge time saver and very convenient.

We have rounded up some tips for how to shop online and what to look for.

If you are new to the e-commerce world my number one piece of advice is to stick to brands you know. If you already have a few pieces from a brand and know how they fit it is easier for you to re-purchase from them online. Generally once you know what size you buy from a brand, that won’t change.

My second piece of advice would be to read customer reviews, just like you would with anything else online. Not all e-shops have customer reviews, smaller boutiques won’t but if you are purchasing from a chain store you can usually find a few reviews on the product. They will often times gives you good advice like “the arms of this top are very short” or “way more pink in real life than in photos”. Useful info!

My biggest piece of advice it so look at how an item is styled online! If you are looking at buying a top take a look at what pants they have paired the top with. How have they styled it with addition items? Is there a camisole under the blouse? Are they styled with high-waisted denim? See if you would be able to re-create this look with items you already own.

I always like to make my online purchases worthwhile by hitting the stores minimum for free shipping. At Mint our minimum for free shipping online is $150. If you are close to that then I would recommend adding on a basic – an easy camisole or t-shirt. This can also be the time where you can take a bit more of a risk. Maybe add that blouse you thought was a bit too outside of your box or the necklace that you have been eyeing.

Always remember that you can call customer service or the store directly if you have any lingering questions before pushing that big purchase button!

Here are some examples of great online orders from Mint Boutique. They all hit the $150 mark for free shipping and all the pieces are very versatile and rather low risk!

Order 1: Scarves are great items to buy online, so are easy gift ideas like soap!

Order 2. T-shirts are low risk when buying online because there is room for error size wise, especially if you like to wear them a bit oversized.

Order 3: These tanks are a one size fits all and can we worn under everything and jewellery…well you can never go wrong with jewellery!

Find us at & our secondary site Don’t forget, have fun with it!

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