The Reflexology Language MAP

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body. Every bodily system and function is mapped out on the sole, top and sides of the foot and hand. In Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture the energy meridians end in the foot, hands and head. These end points are similar to key openings that provide access to the body. Finding these areas on the foot involves knowing how to feel for the openings and read the ‘map’. In essence, Reflex-ology is the language of these reflex points. By reading the reflex language we can understand what is occurring in the body as an imbalance and what areas require additional attention. My job as a Reflexologist is to interpret the map and massage the reflex points to help the body return to a balanced state and share the information with the person.

The reflex points mapped on the Sole of your foot can literally access the entire ‘Soul’ of Body, Mind, Feelings, and Spirit, basically;

  • The body is divided symmetrically in half from head to toe. The right side of the body is mapped on the right foot, the left side on the left foot
  • The top of the foot is the front of the body, the bottom of the foot is the back / internal system
  • The spine runs along the inside of the arch/instep with the tailbone at the heel and the spine ending at the base of the big toe
  • The toes reflect the head and neck
  • The ball toes on the foot represent the chest and shoulder blades
  • The arch of the foot maps out the stomach & intestines and most of the internal organs
  • The heel of the foot is the pelvis, with ankles acting like hips
  • The legs wrap around the outside of the heel. The arms wrap outside the ball of the toes

Unknowingly, many of us already use Reflexology. When we are confused or in deep thought we often tap the tips of our fingers together or on a table top. This tapping action stimulates the reflex points in the hand that relate to the brain and ultimately help bring clarity of thought as we stimulate the fingertips. 

Reflexology includes several different massage techniques, applied to the whole foot. Through application of pressure or rubbing techniques on these reflex points we can stimulate the corresponding organs or bodily systems. The objective through these applications is to improve the circulation to that area system, thus increasing the blood flow, oxygen supply that can also influence cell formation. This also helps trigger the body’s own healing response. The applied pressure also stimulates the energy levels into the area to help break down congested blocks, ignite action if sluggish and slow down flow if area is in overload. People often say that it is like a full body massage without touching the body. Reflexology can be ideal for anyone in too much pain or uncomfortable with touch.

Through the massage and pressure application on the reflex points and the whole foot, many “sensitive” areas can be discovered. If this is too discomforting pressure is reduce to release pain and area is massaged smooth to the point of comfort. Sensitive areas do not mean there is something ‘wrong’ or ‘sick’. It is a flag that speaks out to say; “I need more attention please, to perform at my optimal, find my balance and to keep the whole of you healthy.” Identifying areas of tenderness helps build a stronger awareness of what is occurring to the whole body, including its connection to the emotional state, mental thoughts, beliefs, and energy bodies. In many instances, as pressure is applied to a reflex point the person may also feel it in their body. While massaging the stomach reflex will often produces much gurgling sounds from the belly.

Those who try Reflexology are most impressed at how their body to talking, and how much information is revealed through understanding this map. The information read from a reflexology session can be pieced together with other health information, past experiences and lifestyle habits to gain a better understanding of the current health state and can provide many considerations for change.

Most people I have worked with find immense release through Reflexology. By the end of the session they are more relaxed, balanced, and feel more Well and Aware of their body and their functions, gaining a stronger state of Wellness.

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