How Do You Want to Feel This Summer, Fit or Jealous?

Harsh, I know but it’s an honest question to ask yourself. Spring is in the air and before we know it, hello summer 2017. So, lets talk about it. How did you feel last summer? Is there something you’d like to change or do differently? What does being fit mean to you? Is it toning you’re your body, shedding a couple lbs., running 10k? Start there and ask yourself, what does being fit this summer look like, be specific.


Writing things down is a great way to put your desires into writing; people who write down their goals are proven to be more successful than people who don’t. Setting goals will build self-confidence and increase productivity.

According to Forbes:

  1. Goals trigger behaviour
  2. Goals guide your focus
  3. Goals sustain momentum
  4. Goals align your focus
  5. Goal setting promotes self-mastery.

Need I say more on why we are going to set goals for summer 2017?


What are your goals? Running 10k? Eating more greens and less junk?

Get a pen and paper and write out your summer fitness goals. With each goal write 3 things you will do that will help you get there, make sure they are action items. For example: “On Sundays I will meal prep my lunches for the week so I don’t eat fast food”, instead of “I will not eat fast food”. Having a clean and healthy diet is a huge part in achieving and maintaining your fitness goals, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Now that you have outlined your goals and action items, write down at least 1 thing you will do this week that will help achieve your ending results. For example: “I will go for a walk outside after dinner 3 times this week”. Setting a weekly goal will help you get closer to the big goals.


Be present with your goals, put them somewhere that is visible so you see them daily. It is amazing how satisfying goal setting feels, it’s a reminder everyday of why you are living and what you are trying to achieve. When we experience small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning and motivation.


Be realistic with your goals and timeline and remember no goal is stupid, big or small. You want the outcome to be positive and move you towards happiness and success in your life (YES!). Summer is a new season, for new chances, with the same dreams, but a FRESH START. Believe in yourself and go after the life you want. You can achieve anything you believe in, good things come to those HUSTLE.

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With Love, Angelynn

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