Do What Is Natural

Learning to protect your self is a process. Nothing comes easy. You need to study and diligently practice what you have learned to make self-defence techniques successful in times of stress.

I can’t stress enough the importance of regular training. Have you all enrolled in Martial Arts Classes? If not, what are you waiting for? If you really can’t find the time for regular karate classes, please take a self-defence class and then review what you have learned until the movements become second nature for you.

For a lot of women, striking does not come naturally. You need to train consistently and learn how to punch and strike. Using your legs to kick and strike may feel a little easier than punching. Women tend to have very strong legs and better balance for kicking in Martial Arts. Use this to your advantage! Keep in mind you need to learn striking with your arms, but you may find kicking, stomping and other strikes with the legs comes easier.

This article was actually inspired by my daughter whom I am using to demonstrate this month’s self-defence technique. The technique I chose is one I teach regularly in our kids karate classes. Carrie knew this technique and when she was escaping, I did not tell her what to use as a distration or a finishing move. She chose to use her legs, both times. Carrie has been doing karate for almost 3 years and she did what came naturally to her. This is a great lesson for us all.

Last month two of my children demonstrated a technique. This month my other two children are demonstrating! Both were very eager to have “their turn”! Kaelen age 11 will be the attacker and Carrie age 6 will be the defender. They are demonstrating a technique where you are being grabbed or choked from the front. The most important thing for Carrie to do here is to escape! She needs to release those hands from her neck and run to safety. The movements here are very simple and easy to remember. In our children’s classes, we call this escape THE WAVE.


  • The attacker grabs you to choke you from the front.
  • Both of his hands are squeezing your neck.
  • You could be pushed backwards when this happens.

Drop Your Chin

  • Don’t panic!
  • Tense the muscles in your neck to expand your neck.
  • Drop your chin tightly on to the attackers hands.
  • You are trying to conserve some of your air that is being cut off.


  • Carrie chose a swift knee kick to the groin to distract Kaelen from his attack.
  • Notice the reaction from the attackers body. Carrie has already loosened his grip.
  • Your distraction could be other kicks or strikes. Just do what comes naturally.

Arm Up

  • Immediately following the knee kick, Carrie raises one of her arms up high.
  • She is right-handed, so she is using her right hand.
  • This escape can be done using either right or left hand.

Wave Over

  • Now we come to the part where the technique has been named THE WAVE.
  • Carrie ‘waves’ her right arm over one of the attackers arms.
  • Notice her chin is still tucked tightly down on her chest.

Wave Under

  • Carrie continues to ‘wave’ her same arm under the attackers other arm.
  • Her one arm is now in contact with both of the attackers arms.
  • Please notice Carrie’s free arm. It is already preparing for the next part of the escape.



  • Your free arm now ‘claps’ your other hand that did the wave.
  • This must be done in conjuction with the next step of the technique.
  • Your clap needs to be very strong and forceful.


Push Away

  • As soon as Carrie ‘claps’ her hands together, she pushes with both of her arms to escape Kaelen’s grab.
  • Push in the same direction as your clap.
  • Notice Carrie’s hands are tight together and she has used her body to do the ‘push’.
  • Kaelen’s body is now turned away from her with the force of her momentum.


  • Follow up quickly with a strike to further distance yourself from the attacker.
  • Carrie chose to use a side kick, but other kicks or strikes will work too.

Take your Distance

  • After your finishing technique, step back even further so you are out of range of the attacker.
  • Keep your hands up in front of you to be ready incase the attacker tries to grab you again.
  • Once you are free and clear…..RUN!!!!!!!

Carrie has successfully escaped this grab. She is to now run away from this situation. She needs to find an adult she can trust to help her. This is a technique I teach in our children’s classes because it is simple to execute and easy to remember. However, everything must be done with speed and power to be successful. Now……..please find a partner and practice!!

Don’t Be A victim. Be Confident. Be Prepared!

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