Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beautiful!

Ok, tell me the truth…being a kind & heart-centered soul…when someone really pushes your buttons consistently…and you sense they relish your reaction, and the power they hold over you…are you aware that in a minute you can decide to rip the ‘kick me’ sign off your back and shift to a place of gratitude?

Do you realize how powerful it could be for your spiritual growth if you could look upon this individual as a perfect trigger to highlight the heart & soul work you still need to do…in order for you to recognize your own power and no longer be a victim to this type of treatment?

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I believe every person who upsets you can actually be your teacher…and in the brightest possible light… an ‘Angel of Evolution’…brought to you… for you to evolve to the 2.0 version of yourself ☆ Kinda cool…no?

Here to serve you…as always, E

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