Must Do Bathroom Refreshes When Selling

There is only one opportunity to make a great first impression on prospective buyers, so it’s absolutely vital your condo is ready for the market. The quickest way to turn off buyers is to have them see your condo in a complete mess, has outdated fixtures or clearly needs repairs. Your bathroom or bathrooms need to be fresh, clean and updated. While a complete gut maybe out of the question, there a 5 must do refreshes for your bathrooms.

Clean It

It goes without saying, your bathrooms must be spotless. Grout scrubbed or re-grouted if necessary, all glass clean and streak free, tiles sparkling, tubs and shower trays without marks and buffed, clean bathroom linens and finally all counters clutter free.

Replace The Toilet

Depending on the age of your bathroom, it may be a wise choice to replace the toilet. Sometimes no amount of scrubbing removes very old water stain marks

Update The Shower

The shower and or bathtub must be clean and have current fixtures and fittings. Replace any cracked or chipped glass, the shower head and taps if  needed. At the bare minimum, if you have a shower/bath-tub combination scenario, add a brand new shower curtain in a light white and bright fabric.

Paint It

Paint the bathroom walls and ceiling in a very light pale coloured, moisture proof bathroom paint. It automatically update and freshens the room with a small amount effort and dollars.

Add Modern Accessories

Update the towels rails, robe hooks, outlets and vanity pulls with modern sparkling brand new ones. Don’t underestimate the look of new fittings in a small space like a bathroom. Make sure the bathroom mirror is large and hung at the appropriate height for most people. Rather than a piece of mirror just stuck on the wall, hang a framed mirror in this space, it will elevate the look of the whole room.

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