My Thermography Journey

Last month I posted about my medical thermography appointment with Sharon Edwards H(Rhom), DNM, RHN, CCT from the Thermography Medical Clinic. I truly believe in this wonderful technology, as there are no adverse side effects and you are not exposed to any radiation. I received my images and a detailed written report including health recommendations for treatment from Sharon. Despite my fairly clean organic diet, holistic choices and my chemical free beauty routine my body still shows signs of inflammation.

I have suffered for the last 20 years with neck pain and lower back, you can see the areas in my scans above.

Clinical Notes

Upper Back – there are diffuse areas of hyperthermia located over the lateral aspects of the trapezius muscle L>R. These findings are consistent with chronic stress or strain on muscles and other soft tissue structures overlaying the cervical and thoracic segments of the spine.

Lower Back – here is intense hyperthermia in the posterior midline of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine. This suggests a chronic or systemic degenerative inflammatory response which over time can result in disc degeneration.


Consider regular massage to reduce soft tissue inflammation and follow an anti inflammatory nutritional and supplementation protocol.

Clinical Notes

There is significant hyperthermic activity seen bilaterally in the submental, cervical and submandibular lymphatic chains of the neck. The lymph system plays a role in detoxification and elimination. Congestion and poor circulation in the lymph system can contribute to internal toxicity. Toxins such as bacteria, virus and environmental toxins can impair the lymph system. Internal toxicity leads to inflammation and long term inflammation eventually weakens the immune system.


Following an anti inflammatory nutritional and supplementation protocol is strongly advised. Without addressing inflammation first, supplementation and detoxification will not have the desired outcome and may cause further stress and inflammation to the body.

I have been experiencing pain in my left underarm and I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t from a breast related issue.

Clinical Notes 

Right Breast – Low level of concern: equivocal with one significant factor; minimal level of concern for thermal irregularities. These patterns should always be monitored for change.

Left Breast – Low level of concern: equivocal with one significant factor; minimal level of concern for thermal irregularities. These patterns should always be monitored for change.

There are thermal signs of changes in the breasts that are an indication of lymphatic congestion, inflammation and hormonal imbalance. Hypothermic areas are an indication of fibrocystic activity and congestion in those areas. Increased thermovascular activity and branching vascular patterns are indicative of inflammation and hormonal imbalance. Increased thermal activity in the axillary region and sternal region is an indication of poor lymphatic drainage and congestion.


Suggest clinical correlation of thermal findings with health care professional regarding patient’s history, symptoms and consideration of recommendations mentioned above in addition to standard follow-up breast imaging, continue with routine follow-up breast examinations with her physician as indicated or at least annual and ongoing consultation with her physician.

Consider dry brushing and lymphatic drainage massage to improve circulation. Although this report is considered to be low level of concern the initial findings suggest inflammation and hormonal imbalance. Inflammation and hormonal imbalance can contribute to breast pain, tenderness, cystic activity, breast tissue changes and calcification’s.

Following an anti-inflammatory diet is advised and liver detoxification is advised. Supplementation with Fish Oil, Indole-3-carbinol, Magnesium, Turmeric and Probiotics may help to reduce inflammation and balance hormones.

***Implementation of any treatment protocol should be under the guidance of a qualified health care professional.

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