I Don’t Know What The Heck I Am Doing

I don’t know what the heck I am doing? Yes.  You read that right.  I don’t. And there is a very good chance, neither do you.  And, most of the people you know. Whether it is life, work, relationships, growth, adventure, cooking, travel, you name it, it applies.

What do I mean by this?  There are many rules, laws, regulations that exist in life.  Such as, you don’t take what is not yours.  In traffic, green light means, you go, while red means, you don’t.  You don’t park in zones prohibited.  You treat people well.  You conduct yourself in crowds in a proper, respectful manner.  You return library books on time. You check out of hotels on-time. You clean up after yourself.  Etc.  There are also Universal Laws, that no matter what you do will always work in their nature. These you cannot cheat, nor change. Such as, the Law Of Gravity, the Law of Attraction, the Law Of Reciprocity (this is a favourite and I had just learned to apply in a new way via the course I am taking currently, by a new book from Mel Robbins, ‘5 Second Rule.’ Check it out.)

So what does this mean really? How does it apply to you, and why did I decide to write about it for this article?

I had just finished a 3 day conference on life, business and success. Which was incredibly impactful. I learned a lot. I had many opportunities to challenge core beliefs, expand my mind and shift my perspective. I was also greatly inspired to clarify further what I want to adjust in certain areas of life. I had shared space with over 2,000 people from all over the world, and from all walks of life.  One thing that was common, regardless of the people’s economic, or social status is that, they all were sitting in the same room, hearing the same presentations, dealing with at least 2 out of 3 of the same challenges.

So what does this tell you?  A few things:

We are all the same

No matter what we look like, where we live, how much money we make, what we do for living, sexual orientation, relationship status and what not. At the core we are all the same, human; living human lives, dealing with human, daily issues. Once you realize you are not more, or less than anyone, you can grow confidence easier and faster to relate to others. Nobody makes it alone in this life, and to make it happily, you definitely need others to do it together. It is also so much more fun together, and social, which is the nature of life.

You are you, you can never change out of you

What does this mean? Aren’t we daily encouraged to be something else, strive for something more? To some extent, yes. Am I asking you to stop growing, to stay stuck?  Far from it.  After all I had just come down from cloud 10X of a great seminar. What I mean by that is, you are you. You cannot be someone else. You are the person you were born in this life.  For one particular purpose, only you can fulfill.  So don’t try to change who you are at your essence, Rather, commit to fully become who you truly are. Commit to do whatever it takes to reveal, and refine who you are, and work to become the best clearest, greatest version of you.

We are all facing the same challenges. We all don’t know.

There was an exercise we did at the conference. Over 2,000 of us were asked to write our Top 3 challenges on a piece of paper. What was shocking is that, 2 out of the 3, if not all 3, were the same for everyone. In essence, we are all challenged by the same issues. And we equally do not know what we are doing, but are living with the challenges, figuring them out as we go, seeking relief the best ways we can. It surprised me, yet gave me a sigh of relief and empowerment. Instead of being hard on yourself, see who you can turn towards, and seek assistance to resolve these together. It is foolish to pretend you know what you are doing, better than you do. It is wasted effort and resources to cover up, pretend your life is better than it is. That will only prolong the unresolved issues and strengthen their existence. When you turn to someone, a friend, a coach, or even purchase a new book, you will begin to put an end to not knowing, and head towards knowing. Move in the direction of your New Life, freeing yourself and your challenges.

We are all on the same journey, have big dreams, daily challenges, things to improve upon, goals to master, relationships to cherish and build. None of us knows for sure, but we are all figuring it out.


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