3 Steps To A Healthier Kitchen

Removing as many toxins from our home as possible in the last few years has been my focus and our kitchen is especially important to me. From the containers we use to store our food, our cookware plus the detergents and cleaners we use everyday all can impact our health and wellness.

Loose The Plastic

Many plastic containers on the market are made with chemicals which can leak into your food and the process of making all that plastic is really rough on the environment, we only use glass containers, baking dishes and bowls. Now don’t forget about those plastic cutting boards either!! Go for bamboo instead, we have purchased a couple of amazing bamboo boards.

No PFOA’s 

Many non-stick cookware pieces contain PFOA – Perfluorooctanoic Acid. PFOA, a man-made chemical, which can harm our bodies and actually cause cancer. It it is also hazardous for our environment as well. Use non-PFOA or cast iron pots and pans instead.

Clean Safe

Clean your kitchen with only safe, organic, natural, non toxic products. Remember your kitchen products will come in contact with your food and hands via washing, counter surfaces and dishes. This means entering your bloodstream through your skin, into your mouth and stomach then into internal organs.

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