5 Ideas To Help Develop Your Own Minimalist Wardrobe

Embracing a minimalist approach to your wardrobe means having a defined personal style, spending less money and making only conscious purchases. Start with trying these 5 ideas to develop your own minimalist wardrobe.

The Audit

Doing a wardrobe audit will help you discard all the of clothes and accessories that you don’t wear, want or need anymore. A closet stuffed full of clothes makes it extremely hard for you to see what you already own.

Your Colour Palette

Deciding on a defined colour palette will build you a minimal wardrobe. It maximizes the wearability of your clothes and creates a cohesive look which will influence your purchases. Start with choosing 5 colours, 2 neutrals and 3 accents.

Quality Over Quantity

Choose well and buy less! Focus a few high quality staples and only buy clothes that you truly love. This is the principle of the minimalist wardrobe. Focus on fewer pieces of high quality, only buy clothes you truly love and make sure you launder them with the upmost care to ensure longevity.

Purchase For You 

Choose your clothing based your lifestyle not someone else’s life. Does it work in your life? How will you care for it? Is it hand wash only? Will you hand wash it or have it dry-cleaned at a continuous expense? Are you really going to wear 6 inch heels carrying around a toddler?

The Need Before The Want

Purchasing an item that is lacking your wardrobe comes before any want. By establishing your wardrobe foundation with key pieces which will work in many different scenarios in all seasons comes first. Have the basics right first and then add the extras.

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