Love Your Vibe

Ok let’s get real love… not everyone will vibe with your vibe… but you know…

I truly believe (now, anyways) that it’s totally OK ♡

I struggled with what Oprah calls ‘the disease to please’ for too many years and too many tears.

Seriously…’people pleasing’ keeps too many of us heart-centred ROCKSTARS feeling stuck, worthless & unworthy when we cross paths with those who do not understand or shun us. It need not be like this.

The more we learn to honour and respect ourselves… and gracefully allow those who TOLERATE vs. CELEBRATE us…simply fall away…and bless them on their journey…the happier we (and those around us) will be ☆ Our careers will fluorish with this mindset shift too!

Here to serve you… as always, E

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