Everyday Habits For A Tidy Home

I love a clean and organized home, it makes me feel happy and content. Living in a disorganized environment always gives me that slightly off balance feeling but a clean, tidy, clutter-free home that’s organized is just a pleasure.

Everything Has A Place

Organizing your things and having place for everything is key to a clutter-free home. The ease of knowing where your stuff actually is cuts down the stress and have a home for each item means that you will want to put it back where it belongs when you’re finished using it.

Put It Away 

Getting into the habit of putting things away straight after you have finished using them stops floors and surfaces getting cluttered up. Making your bed every morning, hanging up your clothes or placing in the hamper rather than throwing them on chair, put way the items and then wiping down bathroom counter when you’re done, placing the dishes straight into the dishwasher wipe and throwing the read newspapers straight into the recycling bin rather a stack on the coffee table or floor will keep your surroundings tidy.

Two Chores A Day

It’s super easy to get into the habit of doing 2 chores a day. Putting everything back into its place after use will keep your home looking good – so then it’s easy to vacuum the floor, dust things and give them a wipe over, do a load of laundry, changing the bedlinen and clean out the refrigerator. Make up a written schedule with doing two chores a day, you will always have a clean and organized home with the  minimum of fuss.

Purge, Recycle and Donate

Have a box is designated for the thrift store and maybe a bag for clothing that can either be sold at a consignment store or donated to charity. Enforce the habit of weekly adding a least on item to the box – we all have clothes we don’t wear, toys that aren’t played with, books that have been read and many other bits that we don’t use that are just taking up space. Make the process of decluttering easy, add those belongings to the box and stop the cluttering up your home. Once a month drop the box off at a charity or visit the consignment store.

Ten Minute Pick Up

Each night before bed make the habit of straightening up each room. Replace any books on shelves, put away the dishes, tidying your desk, fold up throws and generally straightening up each room makes a massive difference to your space with only a few minutes of effort. This quick little routine stops the mess and any clutter in your home building up, meaning it will stay tidier for longer.

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