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Hello Everyone,

Spring has officially arrived!! This week has been super busy with all of my to-do-lists including a huge last minute spring cleaning purge at home, a TELL client launch and the start of a new design project. There was still time for a delicious gluten free muffin compliments of my lovely friend Emma and a cup of my favourite Russian Caravan tea. My family and I are only 4 days away from my son arriving from Australia for some well deserved vacation time, I cannot wait for him to be here!! We have several day trips planned (originally we had planned to visit Quebec City but with my husbands’ health issues still not resolved, travelling away is completely out of the question) so I just hope the weather co-operates with us. He is also celebrating a birthday whilst he is here in Canada, so there is a party to plan too. I am having a long, very warm bath tonight with my diy Lavender and Oatmeal soak. Yes, I had that in the right order – a long but very warm water in the bath tub, I am a warm / hot water person even in summer weather.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

Spring Blooms

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