Essential Oils At Home ~ Melissa

Melissa essential oil or Lemon Balm oil is a member of the Lamicaceae (mint) family which is a medicinal plant native to the East Mediterranean and West Asia. The oil is extracted by steam-distilling the leaves and flowers. It can be taken internally, applied topically to the skin (anyone with sensitive skin should use a carrier oil before applying topically) and also diffused into the air. This fabulous little oil is used to treat cold sores, insomnia, anxiety and depression, migraines, various skin conditions and dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease. Did you know that this lemon scented oil is potent full of antiviral and antimicrobial properties? Which is what we need to prevent and fight off infections, because it’s gentle – you can apply it directly to the skin to help clear skin conditions.

  • Try adding five drops of Melissa to a moisturizer or a spray bottle with water and spritz it on your face to treat eczema.
  • Use 2 to 3 drops diluted drops topically to treat cold sores and taking Melissa essential oil internally to help keep the pesky herpes simplex virus dormant in your body which means it reduces outbreaks.
  • Taking Melissa oil internally showed reductions of edema forming inside the body, when used topically it reduced swelling and the associated pain all due to it’s anti-inflammatory capabilities.
  • Studies have proven that using Melissa essential oil in the treatment of people suffering from severe cognitive impairment, which causes agitation when suffering from dementia was significantly reduced. Diffuse Melissa essential oil daily or inhale it directly from the bottle to improve symptoms.
  • Boost your mood with Melissa essential oil as it has antidepressant properties and creates feelings of calm emotional balance. Research has shown that it also improves cognitive performance and is up-lifting. Stop feelings of depression and anxiety by diffusing or applying the oil topically to back of your neck, ears and wrists.

Melissa oil is a reasonably expensive essential oils to purchase, but don’t forget little bit goes a long way. And remember to always purchase the highest quality oil, a 5 mL bottle of Melissa oil ranges from $95 – $150. Only buy essential oils from an honest and reputable sources.

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