5 Easy Health Hacks To Start Now

The work/life balance can get overwhelming at times and we are always looking for easy tricks to improve our lives. Here are 5 EASY Health Hacks you can test out to keep you feeling good, healthy and happy without taking up too much of your time.

  1. Start your day with lemon water: Lemons are packed with nutrients including vitamin C, B complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fibre. Drinking water, especially lemon water first thing in themorning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. It also:
    • Cleanses your body
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Revitalizes your skin
    • Promotes healing
    • Freshens Breath
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Gives you an energy boost
    • Freshens breath

It’s important to make sure the water is room temperature, cold water can shock your system and prevent the health benefits from working.

  1. Eat Breakfast! Prepare your healthy breakfast the night before or at the beginning of the week, do not ever skip breakfast. Breakfast fuels the body and brain after an overnight fast and kick starts your metabolism for the day. Many studies show that people who eat breakfast tend to weigh less as it reduces hunger throughout the day, making your food choices better. Here are some easy breakfast ideas (click for my favourite recipes of each) that you can prepare, grab and go in the AM:

Note: Breakfast should be eaten within 2 hours of waking up. Prepare the above or have breakfast options at work that you can make and eat first thing. *Protein breakfast is the best to kick start your day. Happy breakfast eating!

  1. Take your vitamins: I recommend taking a Probiotic, Omega-3 and Multivitamin. I have other vitamins I take for different reasons so if you have any questions regarding supplements please email me.
    • Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. Your skin and digestive system by themselves host about 2,000 different types of bacteria. Probiotics benefits support immune function and healthy digestion, as well as beautiful skin. Taking a probiotic is important because if you don’t have enough in your body, the side effects can include digestive disorders, skin issues, autoimmune disease, and numerous colds and flus.
    • Omega-3 improves your overall health. Omega-3 comes from both animal and plant sources. The primary animal sources are krill oil and fish oil. The primary plant sources are flaxseed, chia and hemp. Omega-3:
      • Reduces signs of aging
      • Improves the effects of exercise
      • Boosts brain power and memory
      • Improves bone health
      • Benefits your heart health
    • Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins found in food sources. Multivitamins supply essential vitamins and nutrients we are supposed to give our bodies through our diet on a daily basis. They help bridge some nutrient gaps so you can meet the recommended amount of nutrients. Other benefits:
      • Increased energy levels
      • Improved mood
      • Reduce of stress and anxiety
      • Improved short-term memory
      • Maintained muscle strength

Be sure to buy high quality vitamins to avoid fillers. A few of my favourite brands are: CanPrev (Canadian Made) and Now.

  1. Own a Gratitude Journal: Write 3 or more things you are grateful for, morning or night. When you think of being healthy your mind automatically goes to the way you physically look. Being healthy is a combination of the mind, body and soul. Giving thanks makes people happier and stronger, it strengthens relationships, improves health, and reduces stress. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, being “mindful” of the simple things in your everyday life. Gratitude shifts your focus from scanning the world not for the negative, but for the positive. Once you become focused on looking for people, places and things to be grateful for, you will notice that you might be grateful for the things you once took for granted.
  1. Be Prepared: Stock your bag, car, and desk with these essential items to prevent your body from being dehydrated and/or going into starvation mode which will mostly likely lead to feeling slump.
  • Take a big water bottle everywhere with you. It’s the best way to ensure you’re hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration happens when you’ve lost too much water in your body without replacing it, preventing your body to perform its normal functions. The human body needs water to maintain enough blood and other fluids as well as lubricating your joints and eyes, keeping your skin healthy by removing toxins, and aiding proper digestion. Lack of water can turn into lack of energy, concentration, headaches, dry skin, and constipation, to name a few. Having a water bottle with you at all times will be convenient and a reminder to drink your water. Don’t be afraid to spice up your water a bit with lemon, lime, cucumber, mint, etc.
  • Have snacks on hand. Busy days can get the best of you, don’t let them. Going a long time without eating can cause short-term side effects such as short attention span, fatigue and irritability. If you want to lose weight and avoid these side effects, you need to eat consistently. When your body goes into starvation mode it will cause a high loss in muscle mass and water weight from dehydration. Muscle naturally burns more calories than fat, and losing muscle mass will only decrease your metabolic rate. In starvation mode the body will start conserving calories and storing them as fat. Easy snacks to have: nuts and seeds, granola bars, apples, celery, carrots, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs.

I hope these tips help you improve your health goals and daily lives. Follow me on Instagram for daily tips!

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