Chic Hairstyles That Will Elevate Your Office Look

Playing with your hair is a wonderful thing; trying on different styles, colours, the works. However, not all hairstyles are created equal, as some are more appropriate for the workplace than others. Luckily, virtually countless magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others provide an infinite source of information, tutorials and inspiration for styles appropriate for any given occasion.

So, stay with us as we share with you the most polished and professional (not to mention show- stopping) dos you can pull off, whether it is for a job interview or a regular day at work.

Oldie but Goldie – The Ponytail

Depending on the position of the ponytail and the way you texturize your hair, the style can take many different forms – just look at Ariana Grande. Now, the type of ponytail that is not only work-friendly but, takes less than ten minutes to achieve is double ponytail.

What you need to do is part your hair horizontally from ear to ear, making sure that the two halves are equal. Tie the top section with an invisible rubber band. Take a thin loose strand of hair and wrap it around, securing with a bobby pin. Repeat with the lower half connecting it to the upper, and you are good to go. Not only is this perfect for the no-wash day, but it takes exactly seven minutes to do, and it makes you look super polished.

Give Me Messy Waves but Hold the Messy

You love your messy, beachy waves, and they are cute for sure, but they do not actually scream ‘I am a pro’ do they? However, if we withhold on the messy and just go for waves, you can be office appropriate in no time.

This style requires great hair curlers; always choose the one that is bound to inflict the least amount of heat damage. Curl like you would for the messy version, but once you are done, put a hair brush through your hair instead of ruffling it. A bit of mascara, a nice bright shade of lipstick, your favourite heels, and you will be the embodiment of workplace class.

The Sleekest of Them All

When your hair is nourished and healthy, it can show off some sleek and shine, and that is when the polished bun comes to play. This style is probably the most elegant and polished of all updo styles.

For it to be super-sleek, you will need a good hair pomade to keep those potential rogue hairs in place. Bonus tip: if your hair is not as full as you would want it to be, you can create the illusion of fullness by using one of those bun sponges. Apart from being easy and quick to pull off, this do accentuates your facial features so you can even be a bit bolder in the makeup department. In case you need some visual aid, check this simple YouTube tutorial.

A Braid with Office Stamp of Approval

One of the styles that involves braids that are not only sophisticated enough for the workplace, but also come in really handy when you need to move the hair away from your face is the crown braid.
What you need to do is make two simple braids using the strands surrounding your face, secure them with a rubber band, join together at the back of your head and tuck the loose part that is below the band under the other braid and vice versa. Using a couple of bobby pins secure your braids in place, comb the rest of your hair and you will be walking out the door looking cute and sophisticated at the same time.

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