A Simpler Life

How do you deal with stress and feeling overwhelmed? Lately I have had an overwhelming amount on my mind, which of course, has pushed my stress level up significantly. I know I am not alone, we all experience stress and become overwhelmed but we can’t let it rule our emotions  – we can learn to control it and flourish by just being present in the moment.

When I am feeling overwhelmed my stress levels increase dramatically and I find 2 things happen, I tend to rush around jumping from one task to another really quickly and always not finishing them.  I make myself stop moving, just sit for a moment to actually feel the stress in my body and acknowledge my sense of being overwhelmed. I then work through a series of deep breaths and visualizing a calm blue light surrounding me.

I then take a step back, re-check my detailed list which gives me a sense of accomplishment and encourages feelings of being in control of the current situation. I create daily lists and always have my systems and routines in place. Just acknowledging my feelings goes a long way to replacing the topsy turvy stress to a sense of calm. I now just narrow my focus to one thing at a time on my list, no multitasking. I choose one and just focus completely letting myself relax and concentrate on the task at hand being in this moment instead of trying think 10 steps ahead.

Being able to simply relax and see that there’s a beauty and joy in this task I am doing right now and to appreciate this moment, even in the midst of chaos and stress. I don’t need to focus on everything else, I will get to those things next but right now I will just be present in this moment.

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