Buying A House In The Spring Market

Are you wanting to purchase a home in this coming Spring market? Make plans and do your research to be prepared.

Make Sure Your Finances In Order

Speak with your bank manager or mortgage agent, know how much money you can comfortably afford to borrow and repay. Have your pre-approvals in place before you start home shopping and set a budget. There are your monthly mortgage payments, your down payment, the closing costs and moving expenses.

Get Yourself A Realtor

Make sure you build a relationship with your agent, have someone you trust that has your best interests at heart. Your realtor will represent your interests, help you find homes that fit your budget and list of requirements and get you the best deal.

Where Do You Want To Live

Do your research, know what areas you want to live in, as the say it’s all about location. Drive those neighbourhoods at different times of the day and night on different days of the week. Townhouse, semi detached or single family home understand what type of home you want and need.

Keep Your Lawyer Updated

Do you have a lawyer? Make sure your lawyer’s firm has a conveyancing specialist, it will save you time and money. It’s a good idea to inform your lawyer that you are on the house hunt before simply faxing or emailing them a contract a moments notice and expecting them to act quickly.

Have A Home Inspection

Always protect yourself and have clause in your contract for a home inspection. A home inspector works through a checklist of both safety and housing of code items. An inspector will also point out things like insulation values in your attic, the condition of your roof, any foundation issues and if there have been additions to your dwelling are they up to code or permitted.

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