Stones And Crystals ~ Essential Oil Jewellery

Handmade In Nova Scotia, Canada By Gisele & Janine From A Wave Of Beads
Diffuser Bracelets Beaded With Dog Teeth Amethyst, Black Lava Stones And A Little Bling

Have you ever thought of wearing jewellery that can guide your energies while diffusing your favourite essential oils at the same time? Then lava beads are for you! Just think, no more toxic chemical perfume either.

Lava beads actually originate from a material called basalt which is formed when a volcano erupts. They are porous and lightweight with bubbles and holes in their appearance, make sure that you buy true original lava beads instead of manmade versions if you are wanting the benefits of their properties.

The lava stone is noted as a symbol of fertility and strength, it’s believed to provide stability in tumultuous times while giving clarity and balance in difficult moments. It’s recommended that your lava stones be worn in bracelets or necklaces so they directly touch your skin, that way nothing will block the absorption of energy.

Lava beads are porous with little craters on their surface, just add 1 to 2 drops of essential oil on each bead. Remember a little oil goes a long way, the fragrance will remain for 2-3 days, then most of the aromatherapy on your lava beads will start to fade away, certain oils may last as long as 7 days but you can reapply your oils as often as you like.

All natural stones and crystals can absorb negative energy from their wearer so remember it’s necessary that they are cleaned every couple of weeks. You can do this by placing your crystal and stone jewellery out in the sunlight, moonlight or by burning white sage. Certain stones and crystals can be washed in water, but it isn’t wise or recommended to submerge your jewellery in water.

Handmade In Nova Scotia, Canada By Gisele & Janine From A Wave Of Beads
Diffuser Bracelet Of Blue Faceted Aventurines With Black Lava Stones And Silver Anchor Charm

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