My Simple Under Eye Beauty Tips

I have always had an obsession with applying eye serums and eye creams or even ice cubes to deal with my hereditary dark under eye circles, fine lines and sometime puffiness. From serums to hydrate, an ice pack to deal with the occasional puffiness and eye creams to alleviate the darkness, I have used lots of products and tried numerous ideas. What has also made the search far more interesting over the past few years, is the fact that I only use natural organic skincare and beauty products. These are the simple solutions that work for me.

  1. Skip the salt. Salt or sodium is known for bloating in the body, it’s no different for the area under and around your eyes.
  2. Ice is amazing, but I hear you say – that’s sound cold and uncomfortable. Truth be told, it is!! And the other part is that the severe cold can trigger the tiny blood vessels in your cheeks to rupture giving you a not so nice look, so no dunking your entire face in a bowl of water. An ice roller and mask or even frozen spoons are excellent for the eye area.
  3. Eye masks are necessary. From hydrating, reducing puffiness and fine lines, to brightening and just plain stress relief to close your eyes and relax for 10 – 20 minutes.
  4. No rubbing, my mother would tell me this all the time growing up. When I was in my very early 20’s I had the complete pleasure of working with a French beauty therapist Huguette, she was in her late 60’s but looked like she was only in her early 40’s, her wisdom was – treat delicate and fragile skin around your with exquisite care. No scrubbing or scratching your eye makeup off or using granulated scrubs, stretching to apply eye-liner inside the bottom rim your eye or on top of your eyelid. Use a gentle cream cleanser with remover pads,  gentle but effective!
  5. Protect your eyes and wear sunglasses, bright light affects your eyesight, remember squinting means frown lines and wrinkles.
  6. You actually have to apply products. You need have a consistent beauty regime, apply your products morning and night each and every day. When using your products you need delicately apply them up to  your brow bone, out the edge of your brow bone, down to your cheek bone and only the tiny recommended amount. Our skin membrane is fine, loading up the product doesn’t help but can actually cause irritation and white lumps under skin called milia.

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