Get Motivated – Stay Motivated When You’re Just Not Feeling It

We all have those days when we just want to skip the gym, have a big bowl of pasta, enjoy a glass of wine and call it a day. Does this sound a little too familiar?

If it does, I want you to know I’ve been there too. But the truth is, we can’t complain when we don’t see the results we want to see. We can’t complain when we’re sitting on the couch, scrolling through our social media, comparing ourselves to others in a negative way. The truth is, we have choices, and ultimately our choices lead us to either feeling confident in our skin or extremely unhappy and self-conscious.

I used to fall into these bad habits quite often until I realized that this pattern was self-destruction and only I could change it. Huge wake-up call (aka truth bomb!).

It came down to this, if I wanted to see the results I envisioned for my mind, body and spirit, then I needed to get my priorities straight! I needed to dig deep and figure out what was truly important to me. Of course treating myself once in a while was OK, but overall, exercising, being active, eating well and being surrounded by likeminded people is what makes me feel healthy and happy.

I know that for myself now, and I encourage you to ask yourself the same.

When you’re having that inner battle with yourself, try this:

  1. SET CLEAR GOALS: Think about what your lifestyle goals are, what do you want to achieve? What results do you want to see? What is your ideal, feel good body weight? Was there a previous weight you want to be back at? (Use SMART– Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Time)
  • Create a vision board
  • Get a journal + write down your fitness/health goals- read them morning and night
  • Visualize yourself as if you’ve already achieved your goal
  • Put that picture on your vision board, phone/computer background

I can assure you, that by doing these little things; you will have a huge mind shift. Be sure to track your progress in that journal, because seeing it on paper will keep you hungry for more success. You will feel a new sense of purpose and begin to fall in love with the new and improved vision of your fit & healthy lifestyle.


Get your ass to the gym, whether it’s for 30 minutes of hard cardio, a class of your choice, power walking outside– just get out and be active. Often, it can feel like a battle with yourself, whether you should go or not. You may not WANT to go but you SHOULD and trust me on this, once you get those runners on you will be happy you did.

Ask yourself this: do you ever feel like crap after a work out? I bet you the answer is NO.

So remember that. If you need a stickler or a work out buddy to tell you to go to the gym, I can be that person!

Here are a few ways to help you with dropping the excuses and staying committed:

  1. Pick a fitness plan that works for you and one you enjoy.  If you don’t enjoy it you will find all kinds of excuses not do to it. If you’re going the gym route, you should have a plan/schedule in place that you can follow (the last thing you want to do is waste time figuring out what to do next). The key is to keep the body moving, heart rate pumping and sweat dripping. Pinterest is great for sourcing free workout ideas. If you’re new to the gym, looking for a challenge or just need some guidance, purchase an eBook. The best part of eBooks are they are affordable and they are designed by trained fitness professionals, which means you know you’re following a proper fitness program. Try classes, they are a great way to test different fitness activities out. I love spinning, boxing and circuit. Classes are fun for many reasons but mainly because you have an instructor who pushes and motivates you (and the vibe in the room will make you work way harder!)
  2. Find a friend!  A fitness buddy! This makes a huge difference when it comes to holding yourself accountable to making those scheduled workouts. You won’t want to be that friend that bails! Plan your workout schedule on Sunday and kill those sweat sessions together throughout the week. Don’t forget exercising can be fun and social, so get your sweat on and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a healthy brunch or matcha green tea after. ** Can’t find anyone to do this with? Download the Whistle app, it is a fitness app that helps you find a local workout buddy- jackpot! No excuse now.
  3. Try exercising in the morning. Trust me, this took me a while to get on board with because I wasn’t a morning person WHAT SO EVER. But going back to that inner battle with myself, other opportunities would arise after work, and the excuses would take over. After a few days of doing the morning workout routine and seeing a difference in my days for the better, I fell in love with exercising in the morning. What better way to start your day than a good sweat? When you shift your mindset and start thinking of it as being able to wake up and live one more hour of your day, it changes your perspective. I challenge you to try it for a week and if you really can’t (be stronger than your biggest excuse), do it over lunch. Unless you’re committed to a class or a gym date at night, morning or lunch workouts take the stress and temptation away from skipping your evening workouts.
  4. Do not take more than 3-4 days off from the gym. Speaking from experience on this one (especially while on vacation), have you ever noticed how easy it is to get out of routine and how hard it is to get back into routine, both mentally and physically? 2-3 days off is my max, unless of sickness. It is important to let your body rest but you don’t want to go too long without being active in some type of way, even just an all over stretch is a good workout. All that work you just put in, you don’t want to feel like you’re starting back at ground zero.

I hope these tips help you because it has taken me a while to figure it all out, but I’ve never felt so happy or healthy before! These changes have made huge shifts in my life and I want you to experience the same.

*Remember in 2 weeks you’ll feel it, in 4 weeks you’ll see it, in 8 weeks you’ll hear it. *Mind over matter, you can achieve anything if you have the right mindset. DON’T GIVE UP!  You have me- I will help you!

Here’s to living the life of the healthy and happy!

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