Simple Ways To Transition Your Beauty Routine From Winter To Spring

Not everyone is fond of swift change, especially not your skin. On Monday morning, it’s below zero and we’re cementing our faces with heavy skin products hoping to keep it protected, while on Tuesday we’re making a quick stop on our way from work to get a more matte-finish SPF beauty product. Winter weather dries our skin, and as the temperature rises, it becomes just a little bit oily. Wondering what you can do to prevent the dry spots from instantly turning into acne? Continue reading this article, as you are in for a real cosmetic treat.


First off, pack those moisturizers, as you will not be needing them anymore – our skin tends to keep more water in the spring and it doesn’t require that extra layer of protection. Quite on the contrary: if you don’t swap your moisturizer for a hyaluronic acid- or water-based formula, like the Advanced Night Repair serum from Estee Lauder, you might over-grease your skin and cause the appearance of red spots and pimples (and nobody wants to re-live the puberty).

Spring Cleaning

What have you been hiding in those clogged pores all these winter months? This spring, with light jacket comes light makeup, and it’s not going to be enough to hide the skin of cell build-up. You’ll need to include chemical peels and deep pore cleansing treatments into your daily routine. To easily adapt to higher temperatures, get the hold of Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator which utilizes menthol to cool the skin while removing impurities, making your complexion healthier. Furthermore, spring cleaning means getting rid of all products you find in your makeup kit that are older than 6 months – they host a buildup of bacteria, what only results in clogged pores.

“C” is for Crystal Clear

Many girls think of winter as their best friend, since it allows them to cover all the imperfections, dark spots and muddled complexion. However, with spring comes more natural way of toning out the complexion of your skin; a powerful combination of vitamins C and E breaks down any skin discoloration and prevents future brown spots from appearing. Additionally, as your complexion evens out, your skin is recovered and looks years younger.

SPF is a Must in Spring as Well

Contrary to what many are practicing, products containing SPF factors are not reserved just for hot summer days at the beach. Start every morning with building a strong, yet light base for your makeup. The best spring moisturizers that ensure the sun rays are not wreaking havoc with your skin cells are the ones that feature more than SPF20. Clinique Superdefense is the most common choice for many, as it is extremely light-weight and works wonders on your skin, thanks to a nourishing soybean oil and skin-plumping Vitamin E.

We are all so Different

Although there is universal cosmetic advice every girl can follow, everything else depends on our skin type. Those who struggle with dry skin all year round should introduce revitalizing, anti-aging retinoid oil to seal in moisture and successfully fight dead skin cells and wrinkles; oily face indicates dehydration, meaning your skin craves for exfoliation and humectants (these draw water from the air, right into your skin); last, but not least, sensitive skin suffers most from these weather changes – redness is unavoidable unless you opt for calming products, such as Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Crème. For a smooth transition, your skin needs an all-day protection. From an SPF moisturizer in the morning, to a calming night crème, you truly need to devote it your full attention. Oh, and one last tip: all of this is in vain if you don’t take regular care of your makeup brushes – these require thorough cleaning on a weekly basis!

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