What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient form of healing that has been re-discovered, re-energized with renewed in recognition. It is now offered at Wellness clinics, Spa’s, Healing Centres, Foot Specialists, Podiatrist, Integrated Health Centres, shoe stores and many private practices. It has come a long way from the wall drawing in the pyramids. In more modern revival time it was also known as ‘Zone Therapy’.

Our Whole body has these zones; that when touched create a ‘reflex’ action to that part of the body, its system, organ and or cells. It is a therapy that can complement many other therapies or just stand on its own, to assist you to access and sooth specific areas to achieve an overall sense of well-being. It is an amazing way to release discomfort and induce relaxation and healing. A full session would allow you to ‘trigger the body’s own healing response and send healing energy where it is most needed in the body, as well as;

  1. Relieve tension & stress
  2. Improve circulation of the blood flow, oxygen, and lymph movement
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Redirect energy flow /storage /usage of energy
  5. Build body awareness to create empowerment
  6. Promotes relaxation and rebuilding

Because we are stimulating the point on the foot that is a Reflex-ed to the body, we do not need to touch the body directly. This is most beneficial to people who are experiencing any physical or emotional pain in the body and cannot handle being touched, such as those with Fibro-myalgia, burns, phantom limbs, some forms of cancer or trauma. We might not touch a broken arm, but can massage the arm reflex point in your foot to relieve stiffness or scratch an itch. Ideally it is like getting a body massage without touching the body, or better yet, an internal body massage of all the systems and organs. The Energy openings or chakra system, QI, Or Chi is also accessible through the feet and not just the body. This means we can also access our energy centres – emotions, feelings, and thinking though the map patterns on our feet and hands (a different article will follow in the future to explain Energy)

Reflexology is performed predominantly on the feet. The soles, the top, the sides and up along the leg to the calf, It can similarly be performed to the hands. This map on your feet, hand and head is an outline of your entire body from the top of your head to the tip of the toes, and all that lies in between. There is a map of the entire body and all its systems and organs outlined and ‘reflected’ onto this mapped outline foot. Touching that point or area on your foot will create an automatic ‘reflex’ reaction to that part of your body. Vise a versa, the body will send a reflex reaction to the foot where touched to reveal the state of balance or health. This sensitivity is rated, and recorded to measure changes to the body’s progress and wellbeing.

In essence, Reflex-ology is the language of these reflex points. By reading the reflex language we can understand what is occurring in the body as an imbalance and what requires additional attention. The reflex points also talk to each other, helping each other out when one might be over- burdened or uninspired to performing its function.

Most people I have worked with find immense release through Reflexology. Those who try Reflexology are most impression at how much talking their body is doing. Many clients get so relaxed and at ease that they fall asleep by the time I get to the second foot. They often say that it feels like a full body massage but even better, because it is feels like a full body internal massage of all the organs. . My job as a Reflex-ologist is to read the map and share the information and to best help remove blocks to help the body return to a balanced state. In the end – they are more relaxed, balanced, and more Well and Aware of their body and their functions and they have gained a stronger state of Wellness.

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