The old adage that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is not enough to keep a long-distance romance going anymore. But, there are some ways to keep your SO’s candle burning bright for you even when you are a hemisphere apart.

♡ Be spontaneous, despite the distance. Book an unexpected trip to visit them (surprise!), or send flowers or a gift to their office on a random weekday for no reason at all. The point is to keep them on their toes, to keep you in their mind, and to keep the spark alive.

♡ Beguile each other with old-school forms of communication. Snail mail and care packages melt most human hearts. In a way, they’re throwbacks to simpler times when Valentine’s Day cards were hand-delivered and yummy care packages were just the cure for homesick ‘tweens at summer camp. You can make yours even more special by including a personal object for your love to have and to hold while you’re miles apart. His cologne, a sweater, or a piece of her jewelry can be sent as a cute reminder of your presence in each other’s life. Carry it around with you.

♡ Be there for each other on a daily basis. Don’t ever miss a “good morning” and a “good night” text or call. Being apart is hard enough, so be sure to let your partner know that they’re on your mind at these two critical times. Seal each day with a *virtual* goodnight kiss, for good measure.

♡ Share the good times. Send pictures throughout your day to keep your experiences shared. Texting takes 2 seconds. But a picture really does speak a thousand words.

♡ Vary your modes of communication. There are millions of ways to connect these days—chatting on iMessage, sharing a pic on Instagram, snapchatting a personal moment, or streaming a Facebook live video are just a few options. Above all, don’t forget the importance of a phone call or FaceTime, even if it’s just for thirty seconds.

♡ Keep your own routines. Learn that you don’t need each other. You just want each other- more than anything else in the world. That’s the real glue of a lasting relationship. That geographically-mandated independence and daily grind may just be the thing that brings you closer in the end.

♡ Establish parameters. Even the most romantic partners need to keep their expectations in check. The real key is to communicate with your SO ahead of the stressful times when you might need to be temporarily unavailable. But if you’ve gone MIA without warning, be sure to make it up to your partner as soon as possible with a sweet text or call.