My Secret Beauty Trick

I have always had extremely sensitive skin, the type that goes red at the slightest touch, and it has the aesthetician getting a panicked look in her eyes as my skin goes from red to fluro red and it stays like that for at least a couple of hours. Many years ago, I saw a dermatologist who recommended that I sleep with a silk pillowcase. Silk is all-natural, it’s hypoallergenic – no breakouts, the silk is non-abrasive, it’s much smoother than even the highest quality thread count cotton sheets & pillowcases on the market today, and it’s machine washable. The other amazing benefit is that is keeps my hair smooth and soft, my blow dry always last longer and my hair never has those static flyways. Using a silk pillowcase has become a non – negotiable part of my beauty routine so I always pack one in my suitcase when I travel, it takes up virtually no space in my bag and I never have to worry about the quality the pillow linens no matter where I travel to. I use Cilque silk pillowcases, I launder my pillowcases in warm water on the gentle cycle of my laundry machine and air dry, Cilque is based in Toronto.

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