Self-Defence Is Not A Static Event

Self-Defence is not a static event. It is ever-changing. There is no 1, 2, 3….. You need to be ready for anything. So how can a person prepare for the unexpected?

Honestly there is no perfect answer to this question. My advice is to train and prepare as much as you can. With a self-defense course or karate classes, instructors can teach you skills to help you. It really is up to you to take what you have been given and work with it. You will need to practice regularly and refresh your knowledge. With your martial arts training and self-defense skills, what you have is a chance to protect yourself. There is no guarantee, but the odds are greater in your favour.

Think of your training like Insurance…….
For example, you hope your home never floods, but if it does you are covered. This is like self-defense. You don’t want to have to defend yourself from an attack, but if you need too, you will be glad to have some skills & techniques to use.

This month I am demonstrating a self-defense technique where you are pulled to the ground from behind and choked.

Grabbed From Behind

The attacker grabs you from behind with both hands and pulls you back.

Pulled To The Ground

The attacker continues pulling you backwards to the ground.

Don’t panic! As you fall, tuck your chin to your chest to prevent hitting your head.

Use your arms to ‘break’ your fall by slapping the ground at a 45 degree angle from your body.


The attacker follows you down and uses both hands to choke you.

Again, don’t panic! Keep your chin tucked tightly to your chest and tense your neck as much as you can to preserve your airway.

Punch Up

Immediately punch upwards to the attackers chin to push his face up.

This strike straightens the attacker’s elbows which helps to take some of their weight off your neck.

Notice my other hand grabs one of the attackers’ wrists, pulling on it to help weaken the grip.

I have also turned my body slightly to help my reach and take some pressure off my neck.


Immediately following the punch, kick your attacker in the face.

Notice my fist is still punching/pushing the chin up.

You can kick more than once if needed.


Bring your hands to the elbows of your attacker and pull their hands from your neck.

This action must be done very quickly and strongly.

Grab The Head

The attackers’ face is very close to yours now, reach up and grab their head.

One hand is reaching higher behind and the other one grabs lower by the chin.

Don’t be shy, grab hard!


While holding the head, knee the attacker in the face.

Keep a tight hold of their head.

You can do this strike more than once if needed.


Keeping a tight hold of the attacker, twist their head.

Twist quickly and very strongly.


Begin to roll in the same direction as you are twisting the head of the attacker.

Keep their head firmly grasped in your hands.

Continue Rolling

I chose this picture to demonstrate how the attacker is becoming under your control.

Continue rolling your body and twisting the attackers head until you can get to an upright position.


You have now switched positions with the attacker!

Get to your knees.

Don’t let go of the attackers’ head.

Control The Head

Keep one hand on the attackers’ head/face.

I am controlling the attacker’s head by pushing their face away from you and into the ground.

Simultaneously prepare to strike.

Punch Down

To finish your attacker so they do not grab you again, punch down.

In this picture I am punching. You can use another strike to finish such as a palm-heel or even an elbow.

Take your Distance

After escaping, stand up and move out of the attacker’s reach.

Keep your hands up ready to defend yourself.

Then run!!!!

Be sure to run away to safety after you have escaped an attack. Find a friend, call the police and report the incident.

As always, all the actions with this technique must be performed strongly, quickly and with confidence. There is no room for doubt during an attack. Stay as calm as you can and defend yourself fiercely!

Don’t Be A victim. Be Confident. Be Prepared.

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