What’s To Know About These 4 Natural Sweeteners?

We all know that sugar, especially the refined white stuff is a complete and utter nutritional No!! From spiking your blood sugar and increasing the inflammation in your body it can send you on the endless cycle of up and down cravings. That’s okay, you say, I will just use artificial sweeteners like Splenda & Sweet ‘N Low, but did you that they are full of chemicals? If you really feel the need for sugar, why not try these natural alternatives?

Coconut Sugar

This is my absolute favourite as it tastes the most like raw sugar with light caramel taste. With a low glycemic index there is no sugar rush, is high in vitamin B8 and potassium, it’s not as chemically processed as some sugars, and is wonderful in baking as it can be substituted 1:1 for regular sugar.


It’s vegan and has a low glycemic index. That means your body absorbs at a slower rate than refined sugar, you skip the blood sugar spike and roller coaster ride up. But it actually has 10 calories more per tablespoon than sugar so you need to keep that is mind. It’s a liquid so great for stirring into other liquids but it a bit of pain to use in baking without a few trial and error adjustments


Very high in vitamins B2 & B6, iron, manganese and antioxidants. Did you know that honey has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties? These help ward off colds and infections. Always purchase raw raw honey, is processed less which means it retains more nutrients. Honey is perfect to stir into your tea or hot drink, but remember while it has a lower glycemic index that regular sugar is still 60 calories per tablespoon.


Much sweeter than regular sugar, it’s calorie-free and natural as it comes from the stevia plant. I personally find it can have a funny aftertaste so it’s not my favourite everyday choice. You need to make sure that you purchasing pure Stevia not mix that might contain erythritol which is a sugar alcohol which cause digestive issues.

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