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It is February 2017 already. I don’t know about you, but for me, it feels like January was over in a blink of an eyes—having showed up for a brief stay, high demand, a lot of content and no negotiations. With lots to do and even more new things that have been demanding my attention, to focus towards creating change. Which definitely put emphasis on the challenge of constantly staying aware, in alignment with, and in review of where my progress, in terms of my commitments for the new year may be.

I believe in setting resolutions, goals, intentions etc. anything along these lines that works for you, to position you in the direction to improve, grow and expand. Especially when something as magnificent is on your side, and as powerful as a brand new year, a full 365 days to really make a difference in your own life.

If, by now, you have already been working away at your new resolution, and are reaping the benefit of your hard work, implemented over the First Five weeks of the year, good for you. Keep going. If; however, you had derailed, know you can come back at any time. You must understand though, setting a resolution, or goal, one time, looking at it shouting at it, ‘I want this,’ will not guarantee its’ success. The first step is not enough. Many say, ‘the First step is the most important step,’ (there is truth to it). Or the infamous, ‘you just have to show up.’ I do not ever want to work with anyone who only shows up. It is nice of you to show up, but in order to succeed and overcome your old ways, you have to come hungry and with a fire to work towards the results you wanted in the first place. While the First step sets things into motion, you need the Second, the Third, Fourth steps and more if you want to achieve your goal and to continue progressing. You must teach yourself, your body, mind and being, this new way of living, your change entails. You literally have to practice these new ways to live, until you become this new person, whose reality IS the intention, the resolution, the special goal, you set out initially. Yeah, read that again.

Here are 5 key steps for you to put to use immediately, to own your goal, and become the execution:


You must get clear on what you want. In addition, it is a good idea to really clarify your WHY. Why do you want this goal? Why this? Why not something else? Why now? Go as deep as you can. Best is to get the help of a seasoned coach who has taken people where you want to go and can help you to get there yourself. Wake up your inner fire, your reason, deeply burning inside you, that sends you out into the world to conquer your challenges and win at your goal. As a certified personal trainer, wholistic lifestyle and weight-loss coach, for over Fifteen years, I have helped many people in this process and have had the privilege to see them succeed, even exceed their own expectations. You too can do it, I know you can.

Get clear on WHAT you want, and WHY.


Once you had gotten clear on WHAT you want, and WHY, it is time to commit to it. You have to literally marry your goal and commit to doing whatever it takes to make your goal a reality. You have to make a solid commitment, invest 100% of yourself, time, money and other resources to make it happen. Nothing of lesser value can come in the way of you achieving this goal. Again, working with a coach, who will keep you accountable, and support you along the way, to slay the dragons that will come to take what you want inevitably, especially if you are newly setting out to achieve something. Lock your goal in, commit to it, whatever it takes.


Clear on WHAT you want, connected to your why, with a solidified commitment, it is time to go to work. Nothing changes until someone moves. I will use the example of a weight-loss client, named Sally. Sally wanted to lose 70 pounds. She hired me for personal training and to coach her along the way, and to provide her with the resources necessary I.e. training and eating plans, etc. We enter into a working, coaching relationship, specific to her clear goal and lifestyle with a plan that was doable while still respecting her life’s full demands. We committed to working together in her home gym 3 x weekly, and establish other ways to set up accountability and structure, and more.

You see, Sally’s goal would not be very valuable, if after setting them she would not have reached out to me, a professional, to help her work through and to her goal of losing a desired amount of weight, and change her lifestyle that was not serving her. As a coach, I require my clients to commit to showing up for doing the work, if they don’t, I don’t work with them. It is a disservice to all factors involved if you fail to execute. You must execute.


This is the sweetness you must earn. You are committed and by now you are likely working your butt off. The question to ask along the way is, are you changing forward? Are you succeeding? As you set your clear goal, fuelled by your strong why, you commit and get a great coach behind you, you will begin to taste the success of, and towards, your desired goals. There will be many inevitable obstacles, and successes too. The precursor for setting a goal is the desire and notion that you will succeed at it. THIS should be engraved in your soul and be at the core of everything about your goal. Work to achieve and succeed.


Once you establish the new you, whose identity begins to embody the goal, you cannot stop as you achieve the goals. So many people stop after they lose the weight, they go on a vacation where they splurge and literally manage to undo the results in Two weeks. Upon returning to their lives, ‘reality’ sets in from before. Not the one they newly began to build, and before they know, they are back to the old undesired state, often worse, then before they made the changes. You cannot do this, you cannot stop, or let your foot off the gas completely, if you want a true, lasting transformation, not just quick stop at a fantasy–to look good for a weekend, or an event.

To live a life you value, as a person you value and love to be, you must commit to a life beyond the goal. A life that allows for this first goal to grow, evolve and become extraordinary. You have to let the successes cultivated to take off, and for you to go with it. Overall in your life, as your life, as you. The real you, the you, you were born for.

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