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Greetings Leonie,

My sister and I read your blog everyday – well, Monday to Friday anyway! We both all over the essential oil posts and try out all the recipes. Do you ever scent your laundry?

Best, Christine 

Hello Christine,

Thank you for reading and keeping in touch. Yes, I actually do scent our laundry with essential oils (my favourites are Lavender & Frankincense) by using a few drops added to each of my pure wool balls which I use in my clothes dryer. I use these pure wool balls instead of commercial store bought dryer sheets, I find these balls reduce drying time and cut the static from the fabric. There are no chemicals, perfumes or dyes and each ball is handmade using only pure wool here in Canada, I either store the balls in my dryer or in a handcrafted string basket between loads – I actually love it when they are out hanging in the string basket as my entire laundry room smells amazing.

Leonie xx

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