Getting Organized

Do you want to accomplish your all your goals in 2017? Was one of those getting organized? Here’s 10 ways to get started.

  1. Get a calendar – paper or electronic, just get started!! Plan and schedule the year’s health and dental appointments, beauty and hair visits or any regular personal maintenance.
  2. Take a look at your inbox, unsubscribe from any junk mail or mail lists that you are no longer interested in.
  3. Organize and refill your travel beauty products then store them in the actual beauty bag that you travel with rather spread out in all your bathroom vanity drawers. Make a checklist for easy reference and slide it in the bag, so much easier than forgetting something.
  4. Clean out and organize your linen closets. Donate anything that you don’t regularly use, is mismatched or isn’t in a set. Anything that is worn or a little shabby but clean can be donated to most local veterinary clinics to wrap the animals in.
  5. Sort through your medicine cabinet. Discard all the expired medicine, that doesn’t mean throw in to the trash bin or flush it down the toilet. Remove your name and details, but leave the name of medication intact and take it all to your local pharmacy for disposal.
  6. Delete old files and pictures from off your phone, iPad and computer. If your devices are set up to share then the process maybe even easier for you, when deleting from one device normally erases the item from all devices simultaneously.
  7. Every Sunday write a comprehensive grocery list for the week and make a meal plan for the week ahead.
  8. Clean out your shoe closet. Any shoes that don’t fit need to be donated asap, your remaining shoes need to be cleaned and polished, sent to the boot maker if necessary to be resoled or reheeled. Store you shoes properly on shoes racks or in stackable clear plastic bins.
  9. Go through all your social media channels, do you still enjoy reading or following? Or do you need to delete and unfollow. Unless the people you follow are inspiring and positive you need to hit unfollow and unsubscribe.
  10. Get your 2016 taxes in order. Gather all the folders of paperwork together and confirm you have all the necessary receipts for deductions before handing over to your accountant.

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