3 Tips To Minimalist Shopping

Being a minimalist is definitely a simpler way of living, having less clutter and only purchasing possessions that we really love is a great start on the journey towards a totally minimalist lifestyle. Being a conscious consumer and making only intentional, well thought-out purchases will bring you closer to living as a minimalist. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before buying that item

1. Do I Really Need This?

Before you swipe your credit card, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” Don’t justify your purchases out of habit or impulsively buy things just for the sake of it. Does it actually serve a purpose, replace something and or do you already own something similar?

2. Will This Item Work With Numerous Other Items?

When purchasing clothing, think of the multiple outfits you can create with the new item with what is already in your wardrobe.

3. Do I Actually Love It?

You need to be purchasing the item because you actually love it and will use it repeatedly for many years. Remember when buying something new, purchase the highest quality items that you can afford, it’s much nicer to have a few beautiful well made items that you love than piles of sale goodies that fall apart after only a few washes.

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