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Hello Everyone,

Last week I wrote about my feelings concerning the cold temperatures and my yearning for some warm sun. I think I am rather  susceptible to the grey sky blues around this time each year. Mixed in with the with cold temperatures, all the festive holiday decor has been packed away, except for the little twinkly sparkle lights that I keep up in the high window sills and behind the sheer curtains until spring. Those twinkle lights along with the lit fireplaces keep me feeling cosy and warm. I dealt with postpartum depression after the births of my 2 sons and find the months of this dreary grey sky weather can sometimes bring up a few of those depressive feelings, I can’t wait for the sunshine to return and spring to be here. Being mindful of my feelings and being kind to myself, taking the time for some self care, and remembering to practice gratitude for every situation I am placed in, always grounds and balances me. These are the glimpses of a few favourites things from this week.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

Simply Stunning Handmade Leif Benner Creations

Sweet Styling From One Of Our Photoshoots

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