Happy New Year! New Year Brings A New Look

January blah……. That’s usually how I feel about the first month of the New Year. All the excitement of Christmas and ringing in the New Year is done with and the reality of having to get back into the swing of things kicks in. Plus there’s still a few more months of winter left to go!

A quick little project to help lift my spirits was to change up the fabric on two teak armchairs I have had for many years. These were given to me by an old neighbour friend of my sisters when she lived in Orangeville. They were re-upholstered once (by me of course) with new foam, padding and material. They would have been fine to keep in the brown embroidered ultra suede I chose 12 years ago but since the wall they now sit against has changed from Drum Beat Red to Confederate Grey (I remember the names of my wall colours for some crazy reason but can’t remember what I had for lunch on Tuesday lol) and the brown looked too boring and just plain blah against the new wall colour. I had picked up some discontinued red textured fabric before Christmas at one of my fabric suppliers as it was super cheap figuring it will come in handy one day for future recycled projects but decided to use it for my cushions instead. What a difference a little colour can make! Absolutely LOVE the new fabric and my January blahs have turned to January aaaaaaahs!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference, not only in changing up an old look but the way it makes you feel when you see it. Colour certainly changes moods and I went from blah and boring brown to a radiant ravishing red! These will be Re-Luv’d for many years to come unless I change my wall colour again 😉

Happy Sitting!

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