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Hi Leonie,
I have been reading The Elegant Luxe Life everyday for the last year and I love it! I bookmark all the posts about caring for your home, please write more! I have a couple of questions. How do you get everything done? I know from reading that your daughter is 3 years old, what do you do with all her toys? And how do you manage to juggle her and work at the same time? Does she sleep throughout the night? My daughter just turned 3 years old, I work 2 days a week and my mother looks after Taya for us but I always feel like I am behind on everything. Any advice would be great, Monica.


Hello Monica,

Thank you for reading and for your lovely words of encouragement.

It is in the planning this year for more articles on home-keeping. “How do you get everything done?” To be very honest, Monica, the word everything scares me a lot. I have very lofty expectations  of what I am going to achieve in a day / week / month, but I have to write it down. I am a planner and list maker from the tiniest chore to the largest project, all my home-keeping is organized out a regular schedule which I diligently keep to.

Juggling the needs of caring for a small child, a family, keeping a home and working outside of the home too is a constant challenge. My best advice is prioritize what has to be done, learn how to say no to things that you genuinely don’t have time for, listen to your own inner voice and know your own strengths and weaknesses. Are you a morning person? I am, I love time to myself before everyone else is up to exercise, shower and do my hair.

Build on the strength of rising early and tackle some of those chores of your list. I always make the my bed, it’s makes the whole room look good and you just want to pick up anything that is out of place (like the pile of clothes that just seem to appear on the antique bench near my nightstand), then my daughters bedroom and a quick once over of all the first floor bathrooms before heading downstairs. Keep that momentum going through out your home. The days when you work outside the home will always be more complex but list the not-negotiables of what you want done before you leave and make it happen.

You asked about my daughter’s toys – 90% of her toys are stored in baskets in our living room for easy access and pick up. We have the one in, one out policy. For every toy that comes into the house one must leave (donated to charity). I find this keeps the toy clutter down so we are not completely overwhelmed, our other rule is only the grandparents and Father Christmas can buy toys for gifts at Christmas.

My daughter has only recently started sleeping solidly throughout the night, this happened after I started diffusing lavender essential oil next to her bed at night and rubbing doTERRA Serenity blend essential oil on her feet, spine and chest before bed. She also had a Bodytalk natural healing treatment with my friend Brittany Bird, which helped her body re-sync itself and re-balance her melatonin levels. I actually travel with the oils, so no matter where we are her oils are rubbed on at bedtime.

My last little thought is – be kind to yourself, remember to treat yourself with same thoughtfulness and love that you would your best friend. Take some time to make memories with your family, your daughter won’t remember if your house looked perfect but she will remember that Mummy always smiled at her like she was the only person in the room, pushed her on the swing at the park, that you made cookies and constructed puzzles together.

Leonie xx

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