Why It’s Important To Shop Local

Welcoming a new year generally means welcoming new goals and resolutions. An easy way to make a (mutually beneficial) change is making an effort to support local businesses and designers. Shopping local usually means that you are also shopping ethically. As a local boutique we source designers and brands who dedicate their production processes to encompass ethical practices. We want to highlight some designers who are keeping it conscious and making it easy for you to choose responsible brands over fast fashion.

Brave Leather

Brave Leather is a new line to Mint. We have always been a fan of their beautiful belts and their local and responsible ethos makes us a proud carrier. “Brave handcrafts it’s leather goods and accessories in its own clean, safe factory in Toronto. We hire local artisans and craftspeople and pay them a fair, living wage. Brave uses leather that is exclusively a by-product of the food industry – not one piece of leather has ever come from an animal sacrificed for its skin”


Tucker garments are made in LA but designed here in Toronto by two women. Each t-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and non-toxic vegetable dyes. The LA based factory where they are made creates sustainable jobs and pay for local employees. Everything is made to order so there is no waste. Printed versions of each t-shirt are available which showcase artwork from local upcoming artists.

Alternative Apparel

We have carried the extremely soft and comfortable Alternative Apparel hoodies at Mint ever since we first opened our doors. As a brand they are both ethical and sustainable, respecting the rights of their workers and maintaining safe workplace conditions. They make their garments using sustainable processes, i.e low-impact dyes and recycled materials. These pre-shrunk hoodies are so comfortable and a Mint favourite but we also carry a wide array of Alternative Apparel products.

You can be responsible in your fashion choices while supporting not only smaller shops like us but bigger brands who are trying to make a change in the world. Happy 2017 everyone!

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