What You Need To Do On Sunday

In my opinion,  Sunday is the most important day of the week, a well spent Sunday leads to a happy, stress free and productive work week.

Get Organized And Plan

Getting organized will set you up for the days ahead. Having your meal planning and grocery shopping done so your breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared ahead of time makes sure you skip the junk & snacks for the healthy nutritious food your body and brain actually need. If your laundry and any ironing has been taken care, you can easily plan out your wardrobe choices for the next five days saving you serious time in the morning. Looking for tips, make sure you read our post Staying Organized. Look at your schedule for the following week, know ahead of time how what is happening on which days. Update your to-do-list if necessary, prepare for any upcoming events early to skip the rush.

Family And Leisure Time

Why not make Sunday a mostly digital free day, it doesn’t have to the entire day just unplugging for 5 to 6 hours to spend quality time by yourself or with your family. Go to church together, out for brunch or outdoors to the park with a frisbee, use the time to connect and unwind. Be mindful in the moment. Planning and cooking Sunday dinner as a family helps teach your children to cook which is a great life skill while instilling healthy eating habits.  Make these ideas a Sunday rituals and be mentally stronger, improve your physical health and your emotional connections with your loved ones.


Waking up on Monday morning feeling exhausted from sleep deprivation isn’t the way to start the week. Plan on Sunday night to be one of relaxation heading to bed at reasonable hour. Don’t forget about the tips we wrote about in 5 Ways To Wake Up Feeling Amazing And Looking Great Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep by Nancy Desjardins RNCP and Yogi Amanda Denton’s advice in her article Sleeping And Yoga.

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