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My Living Room Fireplace

Hello Everyone,

It was snow, snow everywhere at the beginning of the week but the rain and rise of the temperatures have melted most of it away now. I love the warmth and ambiance of a lit fireplace, my husband often makes comment that all our 3 fireplaces are lit from November to May – don’t tell him, but I think he is right! Last weekend was filled with errands, closet organization and clean outs which resulted in a very large box filled warm coats, mitts and barely used blankets for donation. But no matter what, there is always time for Sunday afternoon wine. 2017 is off to great start, this week saw the beginning of 2 new exciting design projects and we are welcoming 2 new amazing contributors – Blogger Sophia Smith this month and in February Wellness Practitioner Georgina Rogers.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xxx

Sunday Afternoon Wine

My View At The Beginning Of The Week

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