A Simpler Life

All You Need, You Already Have – I believe that this is such a lovely way of looking at life. As I am sitting here writing this article and I think of all I have in my life – my family and I have plenty of food, clothing and live in a safe comfortable home, and we have each other. Having loved ones, the people who care about you and those that you love and care about you, makes life real and creates a richness that human beings crave – connection. We are without any desperate needs or wants, yet sometimes I still feel we are looking for more comfort and certainty, possessions or professional validation. How do I ‘know’ that my family and I already have more than enough?

By remembering to give thanks for what we have, we can appreciate the beauty and preciousness of each every moment. And then we don’t fall into the trap of taking it for granted. It’s great for me to say, ‘That We Have All We Need’, but what does that mean in practical terms? In our everyday life of the mundane tasks, chores, hustle and grind. I try daily to remember to appreciate – being thankful for this life and not taking it for granted.

  • The people in our lives, not to get caught up in ourselves but be mindful of others and reaching out to help or simply listen to those precious  loved-one or someone who is in distress.
  • The possessions and home we already have and which surround us in our daily lives. The simple task of being able to turn on tap and clean fresh drinking water flows freely, the luxury of a hot shower and being able to sleep in a bed with clean sheets – which to many is only a wish or dream.
  • The healthy plentiful food we able to shop for, cook and eat. A meal, 3 times a day is not regular occurrence for everyone.
  • Simple moments of quiet personal interaction with family members daily rather than constant distraction of television, smart phones and computers.

Being present and have a mindset of being grateful throughout the day, with the external distractions and our own internal stories playing out in our heads isn’t easy. We have little rituals as a family we do daily and I also have personal habits that I do that makes me feel more connected.

  • When I wake up, I say a little prayer of thanks.
  • I make sure I greet my family with a smile of pure happiness and genuine delight to having a new day with them. We encourage our daughter to do the same.
  • We make a habit of eating breakfast and our evening meal together as a family. Lunch during the week isn’t possible. We also say a prayer of thanks before starting our evening meal. Making the conscious decision to savour each bite while taking the time to talk and share the comings & goings of the day with each other.
  • I keep a gratitude journal which I write in each every evening.
  • At bedtime I encourage my daughter say a prayer of thanks, I also say my own prayer of thanks and take a moment to reflect on my day.
  • Setting a positive intention in my mind before I start a new project or task both at home or in the studio.
  • Remembering that even the simplest of tasks like ironing and vacuuming are appreciated by others, I am so fortunate to live in this day and age where all I have to do is plug a device into a socket to get started, not the back breaking work that my great grandmother or grandmother endured.

When you think about it, don’t you already have everything you need?

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