Thinking About Cutting Sugar?


Sugar, The Sweet Stuff, We Have Been Told For Years How Bad It’s For Our Bodies.  Diabetes, Heart Disease, And Don’t Forget About Those Breakouts And Weight Gain.


Did You know?

Eating sugar increases the glucose levels in your blood rapidly, this results in a burst of energy, then a quick crash. Blood sugar levels can go up and down all day because when the body crashes we tend to go looking for more sugar to eat. Feeding fatigue with more sugar is a very vicious cycle.

Sugar is extremely inflammatory in our bodies, it stops our immune systems from functioning properly whilst our bodies process the sugar, chronic inflammation is believed to be the basis of  all disease. If you are feeling tired, moody and achy all over – these are all signs that sugar is effecting you.

Want To Cut Out Sugar?

  • Don’t go cold turkey on sugar, it isn’t realistic, cut back slowly.
  • If 2 packets of sugar in your coffee is your normal, cut down to 1 one for a week, then to half a packet then to zip.
  • Try mixing half a serving of sweetened yogurt with half a serving of plain, and then moving on to completely plain and add  natural sweetness with fresh fruit instead.
  • Skip the sodas, baked goods with and without frosting, ice cream and fruit juice with added sugar.
  • Replace sugar treats with nuts, vegetables and fruits.
  • Remember not to fake it. Don’t switch to artificial sugars for your sweet fix as it will confuse your taste for sweet, your body expects calories and nutrition when you eat something sweet but artificial sweeteners don’t give your body that.

Stay The Course

  • Cutting down on sugar can feel like an impossible task when you first start out. Keep the faith, eventually your taste buds will adjust and you will start noticing the natural sweetness in fruits and vegetables.
  • Beware though, your body may get extra achy and you may experience a few days of mood swings and fatigue but this will quickly pass especially when drinking extra water to flush your system.
  • Taking L-glutamine, 1000-2000 mg every couple of hours as necessary really relieves sugar cravings.
  • If you absolutely have to give into your cravings, have a piece of fruit to satisfy that urge for sweetness.

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