My Thoughts And Resolutions For 2017

The making of New Year resolutions receives a lot of media at this time of year. But do we actually think about or reflect on what we really want to achieve, or who we want to be in 2017 and beyond? How do we be more self aware, growing both spiritually and emotionally? Many of my goals in 2016 were about having a healthy lifestyle, and my all of my 2017 priorities are centred around living a harmonious and holistic life for my myself and my family. My passion has become holistic wellness, which positively benefits all areas of my and my family’s lives.

Taking Care Of My Body

“If you don’t take care of your body, where else are you going to live?” This has never been more important to me or shown to me more clearly than in the last months of 2106 with my husband being hospitalized and will have to go through several surgical procedures in this new year of 2017.

No matter how healthy or unhealthy you believe you are, why not add this resolution to your list? Simply changing your eating habits or drinking less alcohol, moving your body more, drinking more water, and getting more sleep can make all the difference to your quality of life and to your body.  Go see your regular doctor or new naturopathic doctor or an energy healing practitioner. Take the time, be honest with yourself then make the changes in your life.

Mental Self Care 

Our number 1 relationship, no escaping it, is the relationship we have with ourselves. Negative self talk, feel less than or comparing ourselves to others is destructive. Life is short and spending it in a constant state of internal anguish will manifest itself in other ways in our bodies putting our health at risk. Take the first step to get there whether is therapy, meditation, or making amends. Do the work to fix whatever the issue is and you will feel free and your soul liberated.


Mindfulness by definition is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Be present in your own life!! Listen to others, really listen not just nodding your head whilst thinking about what you have to do next, connect with them, talk to them. Make the small little moments matter, savour the those few minutes of quiet time with your spouse or baking cookies with your child. If you’re drinking a glass of wine from that special bottle you have been saving, take your time, enjoy it! Whatever it is that you are doing, be in that moment.

Schedule Less

Somehow we have become programmed to believe that we need to be stressed, booked up with scheduled appointments and commitments to successful at life. Everyone needs leisure and downtime, some time with friends or just solo time. Getting some fresh air outside with a bike ride or walk, enjoyable fun activities. Time away from the phone and or computer give us time to decompress and be “tech free” to read a book or simply look out the window. Reclaim your time by scheduling fewer plans, give yourself and family some much needed free time to connect and strengthen those ever important bonds.

Toxins And Electrosmog

It’s really important to actually comprehend what we are eating, rubbing on and polluting our bodies with on a daily basis. From food we eat, the water we drink, the cleaning supplies used throughout our homes, the beauty products smeared all over our skin, the chemicals contained in the fabrics of our clothes, to the atmosphere of the air we breathe – the CHEMICALS are there and they are  causing all of us major health problems. And then there is our constant dependancy on cell phones, iPad’s and wireless technology which causes another set of health problem like headaches and insomnia that studies are only just discovering and labelling now.

I am making it my “Life Goal” to eliminate toxic chemicals from mine and my family’s lives. It’s a process that takes time, and while I know I won’t be able to avoid everything, I can take control and make wise choices. Natural and holistic skincare, healthy and chemical free kitchen products, purchasing organic produce and eating “clean” home cooked food not processed food full of colours and additives. Hardwire your laptop and PC into the internet and turn off the wireless. Don’t leave you phone next to your head charging on your night stand when you go to bed at night. Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocket, shirt or jacket – put it in your handbag. These changes bit by bit make a huge difference to your overall well being.

Practice Gratitude

Be grateful!!! Whether it be big or small things, just washing the dishes that you always see a chore, just remember that all you had to do was fill the sink with clean warm water and add hand dishwashing liquid. There are millions of women world that do not have this luxury, they don’t even have access to clean water. This past Christmas has been has been extremely difficult and frightening for my family with husband extremely unwell and while it wasn’t the Christmas I planned, I counted my blessings. We live in country where there is excellent health care, I was able to provide my daughter with a “special” Christmas meal, Father Christmas visited our home and when watching a little television on Christmas Eve during a documentary about the Nativity Church in Israel – my daughter informed me “Bethlehem was where baby Jesus was born in the manger”. Write in a journal – paper or electronic, recite a mantra of thanks daily or simply have a touchstone that makes you smile. Despite whatever is happening in our on private world there are many others in dire circumstances, of which we have no idea.

Wiser Choices

Two of my resolutions for 2016 was to Only Purchase Ethically Made Fashion And Homewares and Lead A More Consciously Sustainable Life , I absolutely love these life choices as it helps the environment, builds small economies and forces you to really think about every purchase you make. I like a bargain just as much as the next person, but not if it’s adversely impacting others as in – child slave labour and destroying ocean life. It makes the buying process thoughtful and mindful of what is actually necessary which I believe is a great mindset to pass onto my daughter.

A New Wellness Practice

When it comes to wellness, everyone has to do what feels right for them as an individual. I love the benefits of dry brushing but I can only manage the process every second day, I also love stretching and working out but I can’t find the time to do both everyday so do alternative days. I am a “list maker” which sometimes forces me to be a “single tasker” which I find much less stressful than trying to remember everything and getting 2/3 tasks done simultaneously. I love the idea of mediating but I find myself easily distracted and thinking of everything else I need to be doing rather than actually meditating, this year I am going to be actually attending group meditations to grow my skills to concentrate and focus. Finding practices that work best for our lifestyles and we can incorporate into our everyday help us grow and evolve.

Are you focusing on any wellness resolutions for 2017?

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