5 Tips For Great Skin In The Winter Weather

Cream Cleansers

Using a cream cleanser made from natural and organic ingredients in colder temperature weather wont’t strip and dry out the delicate skin on your face and decollate. Milky cream cleansers are more gentle adding moisture not leaving you with a parched squeaky feeling that some foaming gels give.

Gentle Exfoliation 

You need to gently exfoliate, especially in the winter. Dry skin is the result of skin cell build up. It’s important in this season to remove the dead skin cells, then moisturize the new cells, resulting in healthier softer skin! Use a natural gentle exfoliate on your face and then a body scrub 1 – 2 times per week or try body brushing daily.

Warm Water Not Hot

Hot showers are great, but if you stand in the stream for too long while the hot water will wash away the natural oils your skin produces, the same with long extended bath soaking in hot water. Warm water with natural cleansing products not soap – overusing soap when you bathe will dehydrate your skin. Try adding some drops of essential oils like Rose oil or Lavender to hydrate your skin to your bath water.

Moisturizers, Oils & Body Butters

Using natural products is important. Moisturizers, oils and body butters made with natural ingredients from nuts and fruits of organic origins can saturate your dehydrated skin far better than chemical versions that simply draw moisture from your internal organs to the epidermis layer of your skin rather than sealing moisture in from the products that you are applying.

What To Buy & How To Use

It’s important to purchase products that suit your skin type and are correct for the seasons temperatures, that are not filled with chemicals or ingredients that you can’t pronounce and that you actually understand how to use them and when. Cleanse, tone, serum or oil, moisturizer and eye cream is the basic regime that most of follow. Make sure this is the right process for you and your selected skincare products, your skin will thank you for it.

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