DIY Essential Oil Blend For Winter Time


Why not prevent and relieve colds with essential oils? Keep this oil blend on-hand at all times to fight off winter colds.

You Will Need

4 Teaspoons Of Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

30 Drops Of Organic Thieves Oil

15 Drops Of Organic Lavender Oil

10 Drops Of Organic Frankincense Oil

Combine all oils and store in a dark glass bottle.

I disperse mine into glass rollerball bottles for easy application.

Rub it into the soles of your feet, onto your chest and spine every 3 hours.

This particular mix of essential oils is generally considered safe for use with children four years and older. Make sure never to apply undiluted oil directly to the skin, and diluted oil should never be applied near the face because Thieves Oil contains a large amount of clove oil. Always be sure to use 100% pure, certified organic essential oils, then you will not be absorbing or inhaling any amounts of harmful chemicals or pesticides that maybe used during the growing process.

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