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Hello Everyone,

How was your week?  And what about all this snow?!?! My back garden looks like a winter wonderland even though it’s not officially winter until next Wednesday December 21, but the front garden is just mounds of snow and the footpath – what footpath?….. is just a snowbank. Hopefully the snow fall will lighten and then we might be lucky enough to have a white Christmas, fingers crossed. The days of this week feel like they passed by in complete blur of last minute client meetings and planning for 2017. I truly can’t believe that it’s Christmas next weekend already, where did this year go?? Many handmade gifts were prepared, completed and wrapped in the last few days in anticipation of being able to thoroughly enjoy a few quieter days at the end of next week with just some cookie baking and cake decorating with my daughter. As most of you all know, I am completely in love with anything lavender, so imagine my joy of finding a lavender Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago. My little tree has already had the first tidy up with my shears, my house smelt amazing during the trimming. At the moment I have the pot all dressed for Christmas but once the holidays have passed I am planning on keeping my lavender tree on the kitchen island. Is your Christmas shopping completed it? Are you hosting Christmas? Don’t forget that Nana Pat has been posting some great recipes and hostess gift ideas if you are looking for some culinary inspiration or our Christmas Gift Guides to support small shops and women in business.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx


My Little Lavender Christmas Tree

Front Door Seasonal Decorating 

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