Bring Intention To The Table

Monika Kovacs Bring Intention To The Table

This past weekend after dinner we went to a festive street party of a small town. That particular event is known to be annually and ritually invite in the Holiday Season. The celebration is taken onto the streets, with all the stores remaining open well after the closing hours.  For this special occasion, all the windows of the stores, are completely covered during the day until the event begins after dark.  Then, like a grand unveiling, with the setting of the sun, the covers are torn off one by one. And all the stores reveal their abundantly decorated windows of their most beautiful items. All dressed in sparkles, lights, and all the delight one’s visual desires could dream of, and more. It is truly magical. The energy of the people and the community magnify the effects that much more.

We joined into the festivities after dinner. Sadly, as soon as we got to the place, I started feeling very sick, with severe stomach pain, so did one of the people I was with. We had dinner together, the same things, foods we knew, and great food. Except for one item. That seemed to have had a secret ingredient that affected us both.  Needless to say while present in body, neither of us was able to fully enjoy ourselves.

This experience inspired me to toss the article ideas originally formulated and offer you something else. An invitation to make this Holiday truly yours. Yours to create as you wish, yours to enjoy and share with those you feel fit, the way you feel fit. This is my personal invitation for you to consider really becoming present, and fully in the moment as much as possible this Holiday Season, serving what most needs, in you.

Things can go wrong. Or, the unexpected may occur. However, what is in our hands is our commitment to be present, be prepared as much as needed and possible. And to have our own backs, and be as grateful for it all, as possible

I would like to inspire you to bring intention into this Holiday Season.  In the words of one of my most important mentors Dr. Joe Dispenza, intention is, ‘getting clear on what you want.’  That’s it.  So, setting a clear intention about the experience you want to have, is like setting the compass of your sails to keep heading towards that, as it sets out on its’ journey.

Monika Kovacs Bringing Intention To The Table

Now, how can you use the power of [your] intention this Holiday Season, perhaps even beyond, to help you bring about experiences you want, those you can enjoy and cherish over time? Do so in a way, that will bring more joy than stress, more immersing into, and intentionally creating memorable events, rather than resenting much of what there is? How can you use the power of intention to work for you?

Simply, by getting clear on what you want your Holiday to be like. What you want your experiences to feel like. As such, prepare and plan, while also establishing healthy boundaries, for what is to come; while leaving room for the unwanted and unexpected, and still have a great time.

Here are a few practical tools and tips to help you intentionally bring about a beautiful and well-feeling experience of the Holidays, that is within your control.

The Calendar can be you best friend this month. Place it where you and everyone in your household can see it daily. Mark the ‘must attend’ and the ‘want to attend’ events. Note exactly what you need in preparation for all of them. I.e. presents, cooking, help, errands, outfits for you, kids, spouses etc. Make a list and have them all checked off in advance. Then forget about it, until the day-of. Dedicate a day, or a few (the sooner the better), to go shopping for all that will be needed. Organize. So that you can free mind space and energy for yourself.   Do not forget the appointments for Spa services, they book up fast! Even it all goes down cray cray, at least you looked amazing 😉

Take Naps, while a good night’s sleep is ideal, it is likely going to be challenged the coming weeks and months. Power naps will save your days. 5-20 minutes daily is all it takes. Desperate to take one and are stuck at work? Get your car warmed up for a few minutes, recline the seat and steal a few minutes with your eyes closed.

Alcohol, smoking, sugar enjoy, but keep these to the minimum, if not cut them all out. You can only truly enjoy one, or two pieces of rich desserts, or glasses of wine, the rest will stress. The next day you will be thankful you listened 😉    

No! Yes, it is OK to say, ‘no.’  There will be times, where you will simply want to not say ‘yes,’ decline an invitation, retrieve from tasks, or obligations. At such times, that is simply what you are to do. Communicate a polite, clear, ‘no.’ Not to be mistaken with irresponsibility, nor disregard.  Having acquired this lesson the hard way myself, I had to learn that, at times, what serves me, and most, best, is saying ‘no.’  Don’t worry, they will find a [better] way.

Self Care, this is a non-negotiable. Besides sleep, self-care is a must.

Stay hydrated, drink your 4 litres of filtered water.  Make sure to use glass container. No, there is no safe plastic.

Green, every day, preferably before, or as your first meal, have a green drink. If you have the time you can juice (great recipes can be found here) If you are short on time, add one serving of green powder of your choice, added to water and you are good to go, it will make a world of a difference. Multi Vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin D, preferably whole food based. Take as per instruction, every day.

Bath, you can guess where you will find me every night before bed, in the tub. Immersed in Bath salt, essential oils, and bubbles. I will not miss a day to wash off what each day left behind and prepare me to the most personal place in my home, my bedroom. It is a small ritual yet life changing. It doesn’t have to take long, it will be the spa away from the world, every night, you crave the most. Follow it with some beautiful lotion, and your fav sleep wear and you will forget everything that happened or is on the calendar the next day.

Apple Cider Vinegar, it is my last, definitely not the least recommendation. Great for regulating your tummy, any ailments, upset stomach, feeling low, event boosting the immune system, and more. Keep a bottle in your fridge at all time and use daily to keep you balanced throughout the Holidays.

Use one, or all of these practical, secret tools. Intentionally implement them into your every day life. Each day, make it intentional to make yourself beautiful, in the most simple way. Make it your commitment this Holiday Season to put yourself first, and make a deal with yourself that this will be your best, most beautiful, and most enjoyed one to date.

I would like to thank The Elegant Luxe Life for the privilege to be featured this year, and for all of you who took the time to read my articles. It means the world to me to have been allowed into your space and lives. May your Holiday and New Year to come be the best ever.

With Love, Monika

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

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