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Hello Everyone,

It’s almost the weekend!!! Thank goodness, is all I can find the strength to muster to say at the moment, what a week is a complete understatement. My family and I had the most amazing dinner with our home cooking contributor Nana Pat on Saturday night, we feasted on the most amazing Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin and Pea And Parmesan Risotto with the most delicious Cherry Pie for dessert. The company, the food, the evening was completely sublime…….until 1 am when my husband woke with extremely severe abdominal pain and the paramedics rushed him to hospital!! And no, before anyone jumps to any wild conclusions it wasn’t the food!! The other 5 members of our dinner party including myself didn’t become unwell. My husband suffers from Crohn’s disease and whilst almost a week later we still don’t have a complete diagnosis, he is out of the hospital and home but still having intermittent bouts of pain. A very, very scary time for my little family. In between caring for my husband this week, I spent time hand creating Christmas gifts for family members and special teachers, I posted my Rose Hip & Hibiscus bath salt recipe yesterday and I have a fabulous Peach Butter recipe from Nana Pat for next week. My morning tomorrow is being spent doing a photo shoot and the evening spent with our wonderful neighbours for early Christmas drinks and nibbles.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

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