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Marina Capitelli At Cosmoprof

I have, pretty much, spent most of my life in and around the beauty industry. I was barely six years old when my mother opened her first salon and, unlike my sister who is eight years older *(and what I call ‘beauty illiterate’), I took to it like a fish to water. Because of my enthusiasm, as a child I was pretty lucky to get to tag along on some of my mother’s business trips, often traveling to places like Italy and the USA on the hunt for new and wonderful products and equipment to bring back to Australia. So, when it comes to beauty ‘stuff’, I’ve seen a lot.

One place that mum and I have often visited is Hong Kong. Every year the Cosmoprof Asia Beauty Expo is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 60 000 beauty professionals from all over the world flock to this 3 day event in the quest to find new and wonderful beauty innovations…. it’s the shopping Mecca for Beauty Professionals and some of the things you see there can blow your mind. I was fortunate enough to go again this year and as usual, Cosmoprof did not disappoint.

Tear Tank

I always make a bee line for the Asian cosmetics exhibitors. Japan with their quirky make-up products like ‘1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Pens’ that don’t rub off until you wash them off and ‘Real Lasting Tears Tank’ shadow to create a bright but puffy look on the lower eyelid… what!?… yes, the Japanese believe that ladies with puffy lower eyelids are blessed with better love, luck and money and this little stick of magic helps our Japanese sisters achieve that doe-eyed and innocent look they covet.


Korea is coming up with some weird but interesting/tempting innovations of their own. Take Berrisom’s Peel Off ‘Lip Tint’ which is gaining popularity amongst Western women. This sticky, gel like make-up is applied to the lips and allowed to dry for a few minutes before being peeled off to reveal a bright looking lip tint that will endure most activities and will last up to 12 hours! Perhaps, brush up on your lipstick application skills before venturing into that one…lol!


Then there is the Chinese. They never disappoint me on their ability to turn ‘Hogwarts’ worthy recipes into unique anti-ageing skin care that is not for the faint hearted. What am I talking about… well ‘Birds Nest’ Facial Mask for starters. A mask made from the nest of a commonly found Southeast Asian bird called a Swiftlet… and before you begin envisaging yourself with a face packed with tiny twigs, straw and discarded bottle tops, don’t fret… the Swiftlet makes its nest entirely out of it’s own saliva! According to Bio Essence – a leading manufacturer of birds nest skin care – the birds saliva is rich in EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which helps in the repair and recovery of skin cells and tissues while improving skin immunity and hydration. This may just be where the old idiom ‘for the birds’ came from…

Cosmoprof will next be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 15-17 November 2017. For more information visit

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